AW18 Lip Looks- A Review

Continuing on with the fashion trends from last weeks post when I was lucky enough to work with Religion Clothing, this week I would like to explore different lip looks and review the products that I bought to pair with my AW18 outfits.

Looking Past Jealousy

Are you like me? Do you find yourself overwhelmingly jealous of friends or family because they seemingly have everything under control? It’s a niggling feeling that digs under your skin, probes at your brain, that little thought that maybe there’s a reason you’re unhappy, unsettled. Maybe it was that slightly bad thing you did backContinue reading “Looking Past Jealousy”

Blog Update: Guest Bloggers

Hello lovely readers, a little update for you all for The Ramblings of a Madwoman blog. Recently, I opened a discussion with quite a few writers and poets about providing guest posts for the blog. It was a success and today I received my first completed piece which will be gracing WordPress with its presenceContinue reading “Blog Update: Guest Bloggers”

Writing Prompt #5

The white light was almost blinding as she opened her eyes. How long had she been asleep? She couldn’t remember how she’d ended up here, in fact, she couldn’t remember where she should have been when she awoke, but it definitely should not have been in the middle of a field under the mid-afternoon sun.Continue reading “Writing Prompt #5”

Top Songs of 2017, so far

It’s been a whole month of 2017 already. In that time I have already beaten my monthly views and increased my follower count by more than I was expecting. So far it’s been a good year for writing and achievements and I hope it continues in this upward motion for the foreseeable future. For me,Continue reading “Top Songs of 2017, so far”

How It Feels To Drive

Monday morning I sat in my works car park, very early for work and satisfied that I did the morning commute all by myself. It was the first time I’d been in a car alone and I must say, I loved it. I thought driving by myself would be a lot worse than being sat inContinue reading “How It Feels To Drive”