Travel Diaries: London, Ally Pally & Bring Me The Horizon

When travelling to and from London, it’s always best to prepare yourself for transport delays of epic proportions. Still, it’s a worthwhile place to visit, especially, if like me, you have a gig waiting for you in the evening.

Travel: Cabaret, TOM Brighton & Hove

TOM was a small intimate venue no bigger than the size of a small cinema screen and was adorned with beautifully festive fairy lights and nature, making the place feel homely and super welcoming.

Music Review: Halsey- Now Or Never

I, for one, fell into the Halsey trap after listening to Twenty One Pilots on repeat until one day I accidentally clicked on a related video and landed on Halsey’s Ghost track. Much like a quote from John Green “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

Top Songs of 2017, so far

It’s been a whole month of 2017 already. In that time I have already beaten my monthly views and increased my follower count by more than I was expecting. So far it’s been a good year for writing and achievements and I hope it continues in this upward motion for the foreseeable future. For me,Continue reading “Top Songs of 2017, so far”

Back to Old School

Having an old car means having to revert to an old school method of listening to music. Oh CDs how I missed you! I can’t wait to listen to my CDs on my way to work in the morning, singing along and making that morning commute just that little bit more bearable. So what didContinue reading “Back to Old School”

Writing Prompt: Seasons & Sound

Winter creeps up on you, the orchestra plays quietly. It’s silently violent. Winter is drawn out like a piece of classical music, long, unnecessary. It almost has you begging for an end before dawn finally breaks. The strings ascend into madness as fresh buds burst through the dirt and the country is overrun with newContinue reading “Writing Prompt: Seasons & Sound”

Reading Festival: My highlights

It’s post-reading festival, I have the blues and festival flu. What better way to cheer myself up than to reminisce about my highlights during my four and a half day stay? Thursday: There was a cool calm electricity to the air as the night settled in, everybody exploring the arena with steadily brewing excitement. AContinue reading “Reading Festival: My highlights”