Achieving Happiness: Life Expectations & Defying Conventions

I truly believe that in order to fulfil ones potential, we need to move past societal expectations and make our own paths.

Generational Game Changer: The Art Of Writing

As time passes I’m finding it easier and easier to write. It’s also most likely that age old saying that reading more makes you a better writer, which to no ones surprise, is true. My latest venture has been the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, which has been an interesting take on the Scottish highlandsContinue reading “Generational Game Changer: The Art Of Writing”

Writing Goals for 2017

Over a year ago I wrote 19,000 words on a supernatural thriller. It was around about the same time I started my first blog and rediscovered a love for writing. For a first attempt at an extended piece of fiction writing I thought it was a good try but I fell short and into thatContinue reading “Writing Goals for 2017”

My Eureka! Moment

When in a book shop it’s hard not to get carried away. I tend to pick up books that are far too complex with an idea in mind to better myself. It’s these browsing sessions that boost my self-confidence, contrary to the belief, as I feel inspired and raring to type. It’s moments like theseContinue reading “My Eureka! Moment”

The Trump Card: What to do when you’re facing political suicide

Like a never ending spiral of bad news we tumble further down the rabbit hole with the announcement of the US president: Donald Trump. And like Brexit, the winners go into hiding with their tails between their legs, unable to give any reassuring words to the undeniably distraught. It’s happened in history before with theContinue reading “The Trump Card: What to do when you’re facing political suicide”

Writing Prompt: First Kiss

Today was the day. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. A bitter salty taste nipped at the back of my throat, the air rolling in from the ocean. Seagulls squawked overhead, threatening to drop a good luck bomb on an unsuspecting victim. Today was the day that I wasContinue reading “Writing Prompt: First Kiss”

Writing prompt: Fear

“Can you pretty please get rid of the human-sized spider in the living room?” I begged as we climbed into bed together. He sighed, “all you need to do is get a cup and a bit of paper and chuck it outside. I also highly doubt that it’s human sized.” “It was!” I sat upContinue reading “Writing prompt: Fear”

Ayoade on Ayoade: a review

As a fan of TV programs like the Mighty Boosh and the IT Crowd it was probably inevitable that I pick up Richard Ayoade’s biography which I can’t seem to put down- it seems someone has unfortunately glued my hands to the cover. From the opening page I had found myself hooked, which is unusualContinue reading “Ayoade on Ayoade: a review”

Is literature a dying art?

I recently read an article in the guardian that suggested that literature is a dying art and it got me wondering about the topic of English language in fiction. Now, controversial opinion alert, I’m not a huge fan of literary classics- Catcher in the rye, Ethan Frome, To kill a mockingbird- and I have aContinue reading “Is literature a dying art?”