Living In Limbo & Starting Again

I said to my friend that I felt like I was living in an emotional limbo of late. It’s the equilibrium of this new chapter which I’m learning to accept but feeling that unwillingness to dive in and move forward with it.

September Favourites

This month, I’d like to celebrate the things that have made me smile, the things that have taught me new lessons or inspired me in the hope that they will also encourage a similar reaction for you.

How To Wake Up At 5am (and not feel like trash)

Maybe you’re one of these people who sleep in, especially on the weekends, and then wonder why the day has slipped away so quickly?

How To Make Connections on Social Media

For those of you that keep up to date with the goings on in my life, thank you, you will see that my Twitter following has sky rocketed to the 1000+ mark in just a few months. Contrary to popular belief I did not pay for followers, I treated them like individual people, not things to be collected.

Top 5 Travel Books

My first day off since Christmas and I spend it, unsurprisingly, in a bookstore. Now I know you can’t judge the content of a book based on the colours of the cover alone but when the travel books have luscious A3, full-colour photographs on the cover it’s hard not to buy them then and there.Continue reading “Top 5 Travel Books”

#bloggingbranding Day Four: Creating Engaging Content

Today the focus for my improvement is on the actual content on my blog, or at least this is what WordPress suggested I look at this morning. It suggested that by analysing the best-liked posts I will be able to predict the future, knowing exactly what to write to appeal to my incoming traffic. TruthContinue reading “#bloggingbranding Day Four: Creating Engaging Content”

Writing Goals for 2017

Over a year ago I wrote 19,000 words on a supernatural thriller. It was around about the same time I started my first blog and rediscovered a love for writing. For a first attempt at an extended piece of fiction writing I thought it was a good try but I fell short and into thatContinue reading “Writing Goals for 2017”