Achieving Happiness: Life Expectations & Defying Conventions

I truly believe that in order to fulfil ones potential, we need to move past societal expectations and make our own paths.

Generational Game Changer: The Art Of Writing

As time passes I’m finding it easier and easier to write. It’s also most likely that age old saying that reading more makes you a better writer, which to no ones surprise, is true. My latest venture has been the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, which has been an interesting take on the Scottish highlandsContinue reading “Generational Game Changer: The Art Of Writing”

Looking Past Jealousy

Are you like me? Do you find yourself overwhelmingly jealous of friends or family because they seemingly have everything under control? It’s a niggling feeling that digs under your skin, probes at your brain, that little thought that maybe there’s a reason you’re unhappy, unsettled. Maybe it was that slightly bad thing you did backContinue reading “Looking Past Jealousy”

Writing Masterclass: Editing (Part 2)

After a particularly helpful comment on last week’s masterclass, I decided to take their advice and write another post on the editing process.

To edit is to prepare a written piece for publication by means of condensing or correction but how do we action these in real life?

My Top 5 Cocktail recipes

I recently discovered a fantastic, calorific, American Facebook group called the Tipsy Bartender which have some fantastic recipes which I have been dying to try with friends (as it seems silly to buy a whole bottle of something only for the drink to be made once) so I thought why not make a list ofContinue reading “My Top 5 Cocktail recipes”

Valentine’s Day (groans)

It’s all around us, that dreaded day looms over us like a heavy weight on our shoulders. Valentine’s Day. *shudders* I once celebrated Valentine’s Day, it must have been when I was fourteen or fifteen. My partner at the time showed up at my house with a huge bouquet of fresh roses (in a glassContinue reading “Valentine’s Day (groans)”