How It Feels To Drive

Monday morning I sat in my works car park, very early for work and satisfied that I did the morning commute all by myself. It was the first time I’d been in a car alone and I must say, I loved it. I thought driving by myself would be a lot worse than being sat inContinue reading “How It Feels To Drive”

Back to Old School

Having an old car means having to revert to an old school method of listening to music. Oh CDs how I missed you! I can’t wait to listen to my CDs on my way to work in the morning, singing along and making that morning commute just that little bit more bearable. So what didContinue reading “Back to Old School”

I’m Finally Driving!

Yes! Finally! It’s only taken six years but I’ve finally passed my driving test. Let me explain why it’s taken that long. I first learned how to drive when I turned seventeen, I completed nearly thirty hours of driving without going around a single roundabout. I had barely touched the manoeuvres and I had absolutelyContinue reading “I’m Finally Driving!”