DIY Christmas Decor

This week I want to share some arts and crafts Christmas decor which will not only add some festivities to your home but also can be made into projects you can make with your little ones for that added charm.

Style My Boyfriend: What To Buy Your Loved One

For the difficult partner, or the partner who has seemingly everything, why not treat them to a new style this season?

IKEA Shopping Trip & AW18 Interior Design Trends

Jordan and I are finally sitting down with a glass of red after our epic three hour round trip to the Scandinavian themed home store in Croydon. Shattered and ready for bed, we have come home empty handed, all bar a few deals: our wine glasses, new cutlery and a few new pillow cases.

Travel Blog Diaries: Szczecinek, Poland

My hair is a birds nest, my false eyelashes are stuck to the pillow in almost comical fashion, and the loud alcohol induced snores from my partner echo throughout the small room at the wedding reception venue. This is the first wedding I’ve attended as an adult and it’s being held in Poland. As someoneContinue reading “Travel Blog Diaries: Szczecinek, Poland”

Moving Home & 5 Life Hacks For Relocation

This week I want to address those things about adulthood that seems to scare us the most and offer some life hacks that might make the transition easier for those of you moving home.

Getting Back Up Again After Failing

For once in my life I’ve felt comfortable in my situation even though I’m about as far from settled as one could be. I recently took on a role working as a business developer for an interior design company, an exciting new challenge or so I first thought. As you may or may not know,Continue reading “Getting Back Up Again After Failing”

“Practical” Fashion Review

I recently took on a freelance writing job which is being slotted in between my 9-5. I am so busy that this morning I even forgot to wash my hair (amen to dry shampoo!) so I’m not one for over thinking my outfit before I rush out the front door with the promise that I’ll grab breakfast on the way to work (I never do)…

Top 5 Wardrobe Necessities 2017

Everybody thinks a girl should have their very own little black dress. I have at least three. But if you’re anything like me you own dresses because they’re an easy outfit to chuck on with minimal effort. This week, in my spring clean I am hoping to reduce the number of clothes in my wardrobe,Continue reading “Top 5 Wardrobe Necessities 2017”

#bloggingbranding Day Four: Creating Engaging Content

Today the focus for my improvement is on the actual content on my blog, or at least this is what WordPress suggested I look at this morning. It suggested that by analysing the best-liked posts I will be able to predict the future, knowing exactly what to write to appeal to my incoming traffic. TruthContinue reading “#bloggingbranding Day Four: Creating Engaging Content”

#bloggingbranding Day Two: How to brand a blog

Today’s task was to brand my blog. As a trained animator and designer, I’ve realised I’ve been doing this all along. After all, it’s the creative processes that I enjoy the most, the parts that get the most attention. My key point for when you are designing your own blog is to follow one keyContinue reading “#bloggingbranding Day Two: How to brand a blog”