It’s not just about the Pink T-shirt, it’s about Changing Your Attitude

Guest Writing Prompt: “Write about a recent conflict”   Inspiration: Pink Shirt Day By Tish MacWebber I remember coming home from school, crying when I was five. Someone was mean. Dad talked to me.  He showed me how to make a fist, and to not put my thumb under my fingers.  Then he held upContinue reading “It’s not just about the Pink T-shirt, it’s about Changing Your Attitude”

Writing Prompt #7

“It’s called Project Echo. We’re a top secret, select group of special people and we’ve been monitoring you.” I had noticed that his dark hands were black with what looked like dirt and a damp earthy smell lingered in the air. I could distinctly remember the feel of the table under my fingertips, the oakContinue reading “Writing Prompt #7”

A Teddy Bear’s Mission

Guest Writing Prompt: “You buy your son a teddy. Unknown to you, the bear saves the child from monsters.”  By Jessie Wing As soon as a Teddy bear is stitched together, we know our purpose. We sit on the shelf waiting to be selected for a mission. Some of us wait for years before we areContinue reading “A Teddy Bear’s Mission”

Blog Update: Guest Bloggers

Hello lovely readers, a little update for you all for The Ramblings of a Madwoman blog. Recently, I opened a discussion with quite a few writers and poets about providing guest posts for the blog. It was a success and today I received my first completed piece which will be gracing WordPress with its presenceContinue reading “Blog Update: Guest Bloggers”