Writing Masterclass: Editing (Part 2)

After a particularly helpful comment on last week’s masterclass, I decided to take their advice and write another post on the editing process.

To edit is to prepare a written piece for publication by means of condensing or correction but how do we action these in real life?

Writing Masterclass: Interviewing Your Characters

If you’ve been reading my recent weekly writing prompts then you know that I have been interviewing my characters to find out a bit more about them. It was a method I decided to try after reading Richard Ayoade’s ‘Ayoade on Ayoade’ in which he decided to interview himself. It was a surreal read but it was comedic and inspiring.

Writing Masterclass: Writing Prompts

Before I had started my weekly writing prompt I barely wrote a word. If I wasn’t writing my manuscript then I saw no point in writing and it seemed like a waste of time. I had even reached a point in my life where I realised I couldn’t remember the last book I had read or even the last piece of significant writing I had looked at.

Writing Masterclass: Dialect, Body Language & Character Representation

After a discussion about vocabulary and phrasing, I realised that a lot of how we represent ourselves is via the way we speak and the ways we come across. Our appearance, our dialect, body language and even our own opinions of ourselves can be targets for opinions. I realised that I could use this information within my character creation to create realistic, likeable or even dislikeable characters.

Writing Masterclass: How to Outline Your Novel

“When we looked at plotting our manuscript I discussed the idea that writing a blurb, or a brief overview, will help you to gather a solid understanding of how to formulate a path for your story. This is also known as outlining and in today’s masterclass, I would like to suggest a few hints and tips on how best create this.”

Writing Masterclass: Character Archetypes

This week I would like to look at some of the most common character archetypes which will hopefully prompt you and inspire new and exciting characters. By no means is this breakdown constricting, please do not limit your characters to one archetype, mix and match, make your characters yours.