Tarot Card Readings- Mythbusted

For those of you thinking that I have lost the plot and have turned a bit mystic meg with this post, let me just state one thing: much like astrology, tarot readings are simply something I have been doing as a hobby, I.e, this is something I do for fun. Tarot readings are a placeboContinue reading “Tarot Card Readings- Mythbusted”

Best Upcoming Films 2017 (meme edition)

Memes are an integral part of my life. Since late 2014 I have been a regular visitor to Tumblr, that waste of space app that really uses up a lot of the internet to post shitty images meant to make people laugh, has had me hooked for years. This weekend I am planning to goContinue reading “Best Upcoming Films 2017 (meme edition)”

Inspiring the Writer

The other night I laid awake, not able to sleep, my mind active with wild and intricate ideas. It was peacefully frustrating as I knew I had work in the morning and how tired I’d be if I only managed to get an hour of kip.

My Top 5 Cocktail recipes

I recently discovered a fantastic, calorific, American Facebook group called the Tipsy Bartender which have some fantastic recipes which I have been dying to try with friends (as it seems silly to buy a whole bottle of something only for the drink to be made once) so I thought why not make a list ofContinue reading “My Top 5 Cocktail recipes”

Valentine’s Day (groans)

It’s all around us, that dreaded day looms over us like a heavy weight on our shoulders. Valentine’s Day. *shudders* I once celebrated Valentine’s Day, it must have been when I was fourteen or fifteen. My partner at the time showed up at my house with a huge bouquet of fresh roses (in a glassContinue reading “Valentine’s Day (groans)”