Writing Masterclass: The Lover Archetype

The lover archetype can be broadened to include professional relationships as opposed to strictly being associated with physical romantic partners. The lover is someone who hates to be alone and thrives when they are with people, especially when they make lasting connections.

Writing Masterclass: Slowing Down the Pace of a Narrative

Recently I was asked to read and review a novelette after offering some honest opinions on a group in social media. During my first read, I began to notice similarities between our creative writings: neither of us had slowed the pace of the action and because of that the smaller, more intricate details that make our readers love our characters were overlooked.

Writing Masterclass: The Rebel Archetype

The first person you might think of when you think of rebel characters may be Han Solo, the space anarchist of the century. But what makes Han Solo’s character so damn likeable and how can we emulate this within our own writing?