Autumn Fashion Trends 2019

With the new fashion season right around the corner, many shops, be it online or on the high street, are putting all of their best sales online but, let’s be honest, the sales are of items in odd sizes or in shapes that didn’t sell well during the initial summer launch.

So this week I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to write about as we’re all sitting in fashion limbo, keenly awaiting the new season to hit the shops so we can start filling our wardrobes with the latest trends.

Since I have access to upcoming seasons at my job for a clothing company, I am privileged to see trends and popular themes among clothing which has yet to be seen by the public eye. It gives me a certain step up on my fashion blog competition which certainly is nice to know.

So what’s coming this season?

Autumn will be host to a beautiful array of camel and other neutral colours and I predict that patterns like Burberry will be incredibly popular in mini skirts. After all, we’ve already seen this creeping into shops, i.e the shoulder cut out jumper and Burberry inspired skirt from my Instagram below.

Another big trend which is continuing and evolving from the summer season is extravagant bold patterns like leopard and other animal print designs (which I’m soooo excited for) and other abstract takes on traditional prints.

Hopefully, we’ll see the rise of prints which look more like art and offer some visual stimulation which, frankly, could be very interesting to see.

I also predict that last year’s masculine styled women’s clothing will resurface (such as black jeans, Chelsea boots, trench coats, etc) and that the classic “jeans and a nice top” going out out outfits will overtake dresses as, let’s face it, no one in their late twenties wants cold legs in the winter time on a night out and we all just want to be living our most comfortable life.

I for one am looking forward to get into joggers and hoodies co-ords season and am eagerly awaiting the drop in the next few weeks.

What are your predictions for the winter? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on any of my social media channels.

Until next time.

Mid size & Affordable Clothing Haul

Whoops, she’s at it again! After last week’s post where I discussed managing my stress levels and workload, I decided to treat myself to a bit of retail therapy (work hard/play hard and all that jazz) and share with you the latest summer sale deals I’ve found and the latest bargains on the high street.

For this post I’ve been exploring Primark, New Look and Top Shop for the latest affordable mid sized fashion for the everyday woman. Below you’ll see items across the board: tops, dresses, trousers and hopefully it’ll inspire you and your wardrobe.


I found a bodysuit which fits me! With a longer body (I’m 5″7 and struggle to find bodysuits long enough for my body) this adjustable yellow vest style bodysuit is cute and will be perfect to mix with more neutral colours of the coming Autumn season.

This jumper is extremely long but with the cut out shoulders and on trend colour pallettes, this piece is perfect to tuck into jeans or a skirt.

This high neck burgundy top has low cut out arms which only just covered my bra so this may be worth considering for the warmer months, however, it would be a fantastic transitional piece teamed with a long sleeved black top.

The skirt looks like a burberry rip off but these colours are going to be big in the next few months so keep an eye open for similar styles!

This crop sleeveless Tee teamed with higher waisted trousers like these cargo trousers or the paperbag waist coral denims are ideal for active days out and I’ve seen these types of outfits paired with big chunky combat style boots which would ease you into the army style fashion which is also a huge trend at the moment.

Top Shop

Looking classic in this short sleeved tee, I felt comfortable. However, I think I would have preferred it either shorter in the body or longer to tuck in.


These leggings were by far the most comfortable, with their thin fluffy lining, these leggings made me feel super sporty and would pair really well with a white crop top. However, with a price tag of around £25, these leggings are on the pricer side.

New Look

Onto the dresses! I’ve got a wedding reception to go to soon so I tried on a few different skater style dresses because they suit my figure the most and make me feel the most comfortable as I can eat and drink what I like without worrying about bloating!


I hope you feel inspired by this latest collection of clothes. I also tried something new with videos in this article, what did you think? Should I do some more like this in the future?

Until next time.

The Life Of A Career Woman: Hectic Schedules 🤯

For the past couple of weeks my calendar has exploded, making me feel like one of the most in demand people in the East Sussex area. I’m not and I’m only exaggerating for emphasis but I, like many others in this world, am struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance as my life is missing one vital element: time to breathe.

From the moment I wake up to the time my head hits the pillow I am rushed off my feet. For starters I get an estimated six hours of sleep a night which is not ideal as I do love my sleep and it’s proven that less sleep can actually negatively impact your day as much as too much sleep can.

From the word go, I am rushing to get myself ready and in the car, opting to put makeup on when I reach the office instead of wasting precious time at home.

In an ideal world I’d have a driver and a PA to reduce my stress levels but who has the money, am I right?

Enough is enough. Stress is one of the largest killers across the globe, a preventable affliction brought on by an over abundance of empathy and the unwillingness to say no or disappoint people.

I work a 45 hour week roughly, and have spent an estimated additional 10+ hours on top of that designing logos for my friend’s new cat café opening in Eastbourne in the autumn, as well as running my blog (which, apologies, has been slacking lately). Across my weekends I am out and about constantly, socialising and recharging my extroverted batteries.

It’s safe to say that I’m exhausted.

So I have decided to manage my time better and allow time for myself. I am going to allow for an evening a week, or even two, where I can just sit on the sofa in my most comfortable pyjamas, listen to the ambient Dave Brubeck and relax, without worrying about anything else.

And this is the most effective way to reduce my stress. Not yoga, not mimosas with my girlies, or anything else. In order to relax, I personally need to take a step away from everything, shut off and be Kirsty, if only for a couple of hours.

How do you manage your hectic schedules? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on any of my socials (linked on the header of this website).

Until next time.

Fashion Jargon. What do you mean?

Sometimes when bloggers talk about fashion we use jargon and terminology which isn’t commonly used in conversation. As someone who writes descriptions for a fairly famous fashion brand, I often have to use these terms for SEO and to help improve the product positioning on Google.

This week I thought I’d share a few of these terms so when you do go online shopping you can search the terms and find exactly what you want, without having to trawl through the internet to no avail.

There’s nothing more frustrating when you know exactly what you want in your head but you just can’t find the style anywhere.

So instead of simply searching for “blue short sleeve dress” in your search engine, why not try the terms below?


Neckline styles:


Sleeve styles:


Dresses & skirts

Skirt shape styles:


Dress shapes:




I hope this jargon busting post will help you find the exact outfit for you. Let me know what styles you’ve been searching in the comments below or on my social media pages.

Until next time.

How To Organise Your Wardrobe (+Creating Mon-Fri Outfits)

Don’t you just hate it when you look in your wardrobe and even though you’ve got hundreds of items tucked inside, you’ve still not got anything to wear? Even when you’ve been shopping and bought a new top at the weekend, when Monday rolls around you’ve still got nothing to wear!

Let’s look at your wardrobe. Obviously I’m not physically in your wardrobe (hellooo creepy!) but if I were to look inside what would I see? If it’s anything like mine has been in the past then your wardrobe organisation goes about as far as putting similar styles together, I.e, t-shirts with t-shirts, trousers with trousers, jackets with jackets, etc etc. Maybe you’ve even gone as far as putting similar colours together.

The Mum Wardrobe

Some of you will follow the same routine as my mum for work: Black trousers and a nice top, because it’s comfortable and practical. You might change it up sometimes with a skirt or a dress but the wardrobe staples here are the tees and the trousers. If this is you and you’re struggling with outfits then my tip is to pair tops with trousers next to each other in your wardrobe so when you look inside you can grab and go without over thinking. The biggest problem with this kind of wardrobe is that it’ll likely feature a whole bunch of tops but not many trousers. If this is you then invest in some plain trousers to pair with your statement tees. For the summer months, I’ve found the best types of outfits are plain coloured tees and paper bag waist linen trousers, paired with a nice pair of linen boat shoes or ballet pumps for a more formal look.

Ted Baker Paperbag Trousers Blue
Ted Baker Paperbag Trousers in Blue

The Comfort Seeker

For those of you who love wearing active wear to work: I’m talking oversized hoodies, cropped bra tees, cycling shorts, etc then you might find your wardrobe is easier to manage than others because a lot of active wear clothing come as co-ords which makes life simple. However, when we get used to seeing ourselves in matching tops and bottoms, it can become incredibly monotonous. For a wardrobe that’s aimed at the comfort finder, my advice would be to mix and match, try experimenting with mixing active wear with more formal attire. For instance, I saw a lady who had paired her bright neon pink blazer with her cycling shorts and trainers and it looked put together enough to work in an office but also comfortable and oddly sporty.

Kylie Jenner donning the new trend

Chaos Creators

There’s also the chaos creators, I.e me, who purchase tops and bottoms separately simply because we like the way they look, meaning we end up with a lot of nice clothes but not a lot of outfits. My advice to you: give away all the clothes which you haven’t worn in a year and start pairing tops with bottoms. The beauty with this eclectic wardrobe is that many of the tops will pair with the bottoms so all it needs is a bit of clever rotation every few weeks.

The Lazy Approach

My favourite thing to buy at the moment is dresses, simply because I want to look put together in the summer sun, without having to faff about with pairing tops and bottoms. The Favourite Dress by Religion (featured in the cover photo) is my latest piece to date, however, I have given in and allowed the Essex part of me to pick up a leopard print dress from Primark which actually surprised me as it fit fantastically, even if I do look a bit like Kat Slater from Eastenders.

I hope that this offered some guidance in organising your wardrobe and deciding what to wear during your Monday- Friday working week. Why not let me know what your favourite outfit to wear during the week is? For more advice you can always tweet me @kirstyawriter and I’ll try my best to give you some style guidance!

Until next time.

TheRoamBlogger’s Summer Playlist

If you’re like me, then you have a very eclectic taste in music and can listen to anything varying from club tunes, old school garage, to rock and heavy metal. I’ve separated the list below into mood categories which can be listened to on Spotify at the below links. Hopefully they inspire you!

Chill Tunes

For those chill tracks to listen to in the background while you’re working or on the daily commute, why not check out the below playlist:

Dance Your Heart Out 

For those tunes bound to get you moving, I’ve attached the songs I’ve been listening to which never fail to get my party started, even if I’m home alone on Monday night.

Rock Up

Sometimes we just want songs that make us feel like a badass when we listen to them. For those times I listen to these:

I hope you enjoyed the selection and found something that you liked. I thought I’d try something different with this post as music is a massive part of my day to day routine and I know it is for a whole bunch of you too.

I’m always open for recommendations so please send me your favourite tunes on here or through my socials. If you think I’ll like it then the likelihood is I probably will.

Until next time.

Disclaimer: I am not working with Spotify or any other brands on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Best of the Love Island Collection (so far…) I SAW IT FIRST

It’s a guilty pleasure, some call it trash tv but for me, Love Island has been a fashion inspiration, thanks to the I SAW IT FIRST collaboration decking out this year’s contestants.

Obviously I had to check out the collection from I SAW IT FIRST and fell in love immediately with not only the clothes but the pricing too.

After all, who doesn’t love a good affordable clothing haul?

Below are a list of my fave finds.

As someone who has bought from the company before, I was pleasantly surprised at the quick delivery times and how nice the clothing was, considering the price I paid.

White Floral Print Wrap Front Mini Dress Yewnade love island White Floral Print Wrap Front Mini Dress

Black Long Sleeve Square Neck Cut Out Mini Dress Black Long Sleeve Square Neck Cut Out Mini Dress
Black Lace And Satin Bustier Dress Black Lace And Satin Bustier Dress
Mid Wash Button Through Denim Dress Mid Wash Button Through Denim Dress
White One Shoulder Cut Out Dress White One Shoulder Cut Out Dress

White Ribbed Bikini Top With Zip

White Ribbed Bikini Top With Zip

So for affordable clothing this summer, why not check out I SAW IT FIRST?

Let me know how you get on in the comments below or give me a shout on my socials:

@kirstyawriter on instagram & Twitter

Until next time.

Stress, Motivation & Shaping Your Life

Life, at the moment, seems hectic for everyone I speak to. Whether it’s because you’re a single socialite with plenty to do and people to see or you’re a full time mummy who keeps forgetting which days to take your kids to the opticians, we all have stressful activities which are filling our days, leaving us little or no time for ourselves.

However, stress is good in the right dosage.

Stress gives us motivation to get things done. It forces us to learn to prioritize, and can move us in the right directions when we’re undecided or sitting on the fence about something.

Too much stress, however, causes us physical and emotional pain and can impact others around us when we lash out.

I have experienced stress and even have been treated for anxiety in the form of counselling and I would recommend anyone going through a stressful time speak to their doctor about arranging a consultation.

Talking through how I was feeling to friends and family was one thing, but talking to an unbiased professional about my worries and concerns made me put them into perspective as what was being said wasn’t being thrown back at me by all sorts of pot stirring gossip queens.

I had a tough time with one of my exes and it took me a while to get over the situation I’d put myself in. I felt like I’d hit rock bottom: I’d had to move back to my parents home after living in my own house, taken a lower paid job in a well known supermarket, and had no friends in the area to visit, the closest was two hours away. I felt utterly useless but I knew I wanted to better myself.

Today I live in my own flat in Eastbourne, have a job using skills I hadn’t previously used professionally, and have an abundance of friends who I have made off my own back.

My secret is simple, have hope for a better future.

If you’re someone in a bad place right now, look forward to the future and imagine your perfect life. Maybe your perfect life is traditional: a mortgage, a family, a pet, or maybe you’re looking for something a bit different from life, maybe you want to be a full time traveller. Either way, establish your goals and think of ways to work towards them.

Instead of focusing on the negative: I.e I’m single and I’m never going to find love, think about what you can do to change that. For example, I’ve never tried dancing classes, I’ll go and meet new people and maybe one of those people might introduce me to someone I can have a romantic encounter with. Or for those of you who want to improve your career situation, instead of “woe is me, I hate my job and can’t wait to retire” you could look at an evening class doing something you have a hobby in, apply for other jobs, attend job fairs or look at starting your own business.

What I’m getting at is hope is what inspires us, stress motivates us, and our hobbies shape us. If we can discover what it means to be us then we can discover what makes us happy and then, we can change our busy days into productive days which, trust me, make you feel 100 times better when you lay your head down at night.

Until next time.

Dancing My Way To Happiness: Salsa Edition

I’m attempting the ‘yes lifestyle’. It’s where I say yes as often as I can to new and exciting experiences where before I would have said no out of fear.

So, as a bid to get me out of the flat for an evening and socialise with new people, each Tuesday the Mansion Lions Hotel in Eastbourne hosts salsa dancing lessons to complete beginners right up to those who are more advanced (doing spins and shit).

It was an opportunity which arose when my friend Ruth offered up the evening one afternoon while I was feeling crappy and I took a leap of faith and agreed to give it a go. What was I going to lose? An evening alone at home again? Good.

I’m not going to lie and say that the initial walk down to the hotel wasn’t rife with um’s and err maybe I should turn around’s but I pursued and did the one thing that day that scared me shitless.

And I can safely say, I am so proud of myself for going. I can say I’ve learnt the basic steps and would be able, since I’m the woman and can be led in the dance, to take my new found steps into a salsa club which opens up so many new and exciting ventures for the future.

It’s a shame I didn’t have a partner to go with as it’s something that would really suit a couple, however, it didn’t matter. Since you’re constantly swapping and changing partners in the class anyway I was able to go as a solo dancer.

It was an incredibly fun evening and it was one of the first days in the week where I’ve actually felt truly comfortable in my own skin which is something I haven’t been able to say in a long time. I feel like I’m beginning to come to terms with what it means to be me and how I am outside of a relationship and surprisingly, I’m getting on quite well with her.

I’m beginning to see what they mean when they say you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else because although I have felt love before, it’s always been shadowed with this concern that I am somehow not good enough but I’m starting to think that single life has changed that outlook.

So I never thought I’d say this but thank you to my ex. You were the catalyst which forced me into a situation I needed to be in but wouldn’t necessarily put myself in. I’m learning who I am and it wouldn’t have happened without you.

So yes, ultimately heartbreak led me here but I feel like I’m slowly but surely putting the pieces of myself back together, only this time in a different order. Maybe this time the puzzle pieces will align in the right places.

And who knows what the future will hold. There may be the opportunity to love again, but only when I am truly comfortable with myself.

Until next time.

P.s for those of you who fancy it, why not join me at salsa this Tuesday 7.30pm at Mansion Lions Hotel, Eastbourne?

Cuddle Parties Exist?

I found out recently that such a thing exists as a cuddle party, where people meet up to embrace each other to combat loneliness.

It’s fascinating how touch affects the brain, especially when we’re deprived of human skin to skin contact. I mean, look at prisoners in isolation.

In the book I’m reading, “Give a f**k” by Felicity Morse, she discusses Peter Collins, a convicted murderer who had been locked in confinement so long that when a fly landed on his leg he closed his eyes and imagined it was his wife’s fingers just to feel excitement. If that wasn’t wild enough, he enjoyed his experience so much that he used to bite the inside of his cheeks until he bled and smeared the blood across his legs in order to attract more flies. You can watch his harrowing video ‘a fly in Ointment’ here.

When we embrace someone, our bodies release hormones which make us feel happier, safe, and help us to develop trustful bonds with people. It’s why they say you should experience at least one hug a day to feel like yourself.

When we can’t cuddle because family is too distant, or you have friends which aren’t very touchy-feely we can feel increasingly lonely as time goes on.

For me, a good squeeze makes me feel wonderful and I would advise consensual embraces be shared more and more as opposed to less and less which is where our society is leading us.

Years ago I used to be a part of a hippie community which met up at least once a year for an electronic device free booze fest. I didn’t appreciate it back then but now I see why they had incredibly lengthy embraces upon arrival and why everyone was so happy during their stay. They were not only stepping away from a society which revolves around technology but they stepped into a warm and welcome environment, got fresh air and the physical contact they were probably craving.

And if I could cuddle the lot of you, I would.

As thanks to you loyal readers, I have had the highest monthly viewer count and visitors to the website ever which is amazing and I hope we can keep it up and make 2019 a really good year for TheRoamBlogger.


As a thank you, I Saw It First, the official go to brand for Love Islanders, are offering 50% off everything (at time of publication). Check out their latest products with MY50 at checkout.

My personal faves are the coral plunge frill hem midi dress, cream crochet flare sleeve top (imagine this over a neon bikini), and black boxy crop t-shirt.

Coral Plunge Frill Hem Midi Dress view main view

Cream Crochet Flare Sleeve Top view main view

Black Boxy Crop Tshirt view main view