DIY Christmas Decor

As its now November, its officially festive season and you know what that means? A whole host of topical posts meant to make your shopping experience this season as quick and as cost effective as possible, so you have time to focus on the important stuff.

This week I want to share some arts and crafts Christmas decor which will not only add some festivities to your home but also can be made into projects you can make with your little ones for that added charm.

Festive Mason Jars ££

Christmas Luminaries DIY | How to by Debbie of My Patch of Blue Sky using Modern Masters Metallic Paints

For these all you will need are:

Mason Jars (You can grab these from the Range, Wilko or Hobby craft for under £10)

Adhesive patterns (You can make these using thin card, printed out stencils and double sided tape)

Glass paint (Acrylic paint will paint on glass)

Tealights (Under £4 on Amazon)

Ribbon & other added extras of your choice

Create your patterns, apply the double sided tape carefully to the card, and attach them to the glass, paint the rest of the jar and wait for the paint to dry before peeling off the pattern. Decorate further as you see fit.

The above idea if kept simple would suit many minimalist or scandinavian styled rooms, making the decor less outlandish and more ‘room friendly’. For a more bohemian look, why not try using string/rope around the top and filling the jar with pine cones/other natural found items.

Cute Homemade Wreath £

Christmas DIY Crafts for kids! #christmascrafts #craftsforkids #diycrafts #christmascraftsforkids

Definitely a design for inside decor, this wreath idea is simple and can be made with any colour so can be adapted to suit your little one’s bedroom.

Using a paper plate, cut out the centre, leaving a ring for you to wrap the strips of thin craft card around. These can be glued together or can be stuck together using double sided tape.

Using a fan fold, create the candle and attach using either glue or double sided tape.

Using your creativity, add decorations to the rest of the wreath, small felt circles could be used to make baubles and a bow tie ribbon can be added to the front for the final touch.

Star Garland £

DIY Star Garland Christmas crafts - Girl about townhouse

This is a funky DIY idea which involves folding paper into the shape of stars and adding them to a string. This natural looking design is fabulously bohemian and is perfect for the ‘adult’ Christmas.

For more ideas like these, why not visit my RoamBlogger Pinterest board. They’re full of Christmas ideas fun for the whole family.

Until next time.

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