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How To Pick Outfits For Your Dad πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§

Is your dad's wardrobe looking a little bit out dated? Is he still wearing the same old pair of blue jeans, the same outfits he's been wearing since you can remember?

Is your dad’s wardrobe looking a little bit out dated? Is he still wearing the same old pair of blue jeans, the same outfits he’s been wearing since you can remember? Look no further, as in this week’s article I’m going to be assessing which pieces are around on the high street and which pieces are good ideas for gifts for the dad in your life.


My dad has been wearing Adidas shorts since I can remember (yes, even in the winter) and this weekend he’d suggested going shopping together so he could look for a blazer.

Obviously I was rubbing my hands together as this was the prime opportunity to catch him and take him clothes shopping to show him a few updated styles which I also thought I’d share with you, dear reader, as holiday season is approaching quicker than I’d like and we might as well grab a few early ideas before the prices skyrocket.

So where did we go? The high street is by far the easiest place to take your father when he’s being picky as there’s never a Greg’s too far away for a lunchtime stop off and a coffee refueling but you can also cover a few base shops without covering too many miles in between them. So while visiting Eastbourne’s brand spanking new shopping centre The Beacon, we visited Topman, River Island, Burton’s, Debenhams and Marks & Spencers (as well as a cheeky little pop into New Look for me).

With the intention of finding dad a new blazer to wear to the sailing club (wow that sounds posh), I was able to squeeze in a few bomber jackets which complimented his shape very well.

This grey suede bomber jacket was shorter in the body but had a functional front zip and pocket detailing which would work with an everyday outfit like dad’s cargo shorts and trainers outfit, or as a jacket over the top of an evening outfit out wearing semi casual/formal wear such as a dark pair of jeans and a lighter or even a coloured shirt, seeing as the colour of the jacket is neutral.

Grey bomber jacket, River Island.

Another suede bomber in the same section was a lovely tan, black and white number with the same features. This was more of a day jacket but would be a good transitional piece for the autumn months.

Tan bomber jacket, River Island.

I couldnt take dad out without actually looking at blazers so we did pop into Debenhams where he tried on a couple of Ben Sherman jackets which, while they were absolutely gorgeous, were completely out of his price range for a jacket which was going to sit in the wardrobe and not see the light of day for a while.

Blue Ben Sherman Blazer, Debenhams.

We did also pop into Marks and Spencers which was not my kind of shop, however, I did come across this beautiful blue suede jacket which again could be worn in an everyday situation or as evening wear as a pop of colour.

Blue Jacket, M&S Β£45

Eventually, we got bored of shopping and had a half hour stop off at Greg’s for a sausage roll with mum and a cup of tea. En route we spotted a busker who was playing a steel slide guitar which sounded very rock n roll and inspired me to pick up my guitar later.

Overall, the shopping day gave dad more of an idea of what jackets are about and which ones suit him more so although he didn’t purchase any of them that day, I now have an idea about what kind of present I could get him for Christmas.

If you want to find out more about which styles are about on the high street or where to find the best bargains, follow my Instagram as I update regularly and blog here once a week.

Until next time.

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