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How To Organise Your Wardrobe (+Creating Mon-Fri Outfits)

Don't you just hate it when you look in your wardrobe and even though you've got hundreds of items tucked inside, you've still not got anything to wear? #midsize #fashion

Don’t you just hate it when you look in your wardrobe and even though you’ve got hundreds of items tucked inside, you’ve still not got anything to wear? Even when you’ve been shopping and bought a new top at the weekend, when Monday rolls around you’ve still got nothing to wear!

Let’s look at your wardrobe. Obviously I’m not physically in your wardrobe (hellooo creepy!) but if I were to look inside what would I see? If it’s anything like mine has been in the past then your wardrobe organisation goes about as far as putting similar styles together, I.e, t-shirts with t-shirts, trousers with trousers, jackets with jackets, etc etc. Maybe you’ve even gone as far as putting similar colours together.

The Mum Wardrobe

Some of you will follow the same routine as my mum for work: Black trousers and a nice top, because it’s comfortable and practical. You might change it up sometimes with a skirt or a dress but the wardrobe staples here are the tees and the trousers. If this is you and you’re struggling with outfits then my tip is to pair tops with trousers next to each other in your wardrobe so when you look inside you can grab and go without over thinking. The biggest problem with this kind of wardrobe is that it’ll likely feature a whole bunch of tops but not many trousers. If this is you then invest in some plain trousers to pair with your statement tees. For the summer months, I’ve found the best types of outfits are plain coloured tees and paper bag waist linen trousers, paired with a nice pair of linen boat shoes or ballet pumps for a more formal look.

Ted Baker Paperbag Trousers Blue
Ted Baker Paperbag Trousers in Blue

The Comfort Seeker

For those of you who love wearing active wear to work: I’m talking oversized hoodies, cropped bra tees, cycling shorts, etc then you might find your wardrobe is easier to manage than others because a lot of active wear clothing come as co-ords which makes life simple. However, when we get used to seeing ourselves in matching tops and bottoms, it can become incredibly monotonous. For a wardrobe that’s aimed at the comfort finder, my advice would be to mix and match, try experimenting with mixing active wear with more formal attire. For instance, I saw a lady who had paired her bright neon pink blazer with her cycling shorts and trainers and it looked put together enough to work in an office but also comfortable and oddly sporty.

Kylie Jenner donning the new trend

Chaos Creators

There’s also the chaos creators, I.e me, who purchase tops and bottoms separately simply because we like the way they look, meaning we end up with a lot of nice clothes but not a lot of outfits. My advice to you: give away all the clothes which you haven’t worn in a year and start pairing tops with bottoms. The beauty with this eclectic wardrobe is that many of the tops will pair with the bottoms so all it needs is a bit of clever rotation every few weeks.

The Lazy Approach

My favourite thing to buy at the moment is dresses, simply because I want to look put together in the summer sun, without having to faff about with pairing tops and bottoms. The Favourite Dress by Religion (featured in the cover photo) is my latest piece to date, however, I have given in and allowed the Essex part of me to pick up a leopard print dress from Primark which actually surprised me as it fit fantastically, even if I do look a bit like Kat Slater from Eastenders.

I hope that this offered some guidance in organising your wardrobe and deciding what to wear during your Monday- Friday working week. Why not let me know what your favourite outfit to wear during the week is? For more advice you can always tweet me @kirstyawriter and I’ll try my best to give you some style guidance!

Until next time.

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