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Cuddle Parties Exist?

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I found out recently that such a thing exists as a cuddle party, where people meet up to embrace each other to combat loneliness.

It’s fascinating how touch affects the brain, especially when we’re deprived of human skin to skin contact. I mean, look at prisoners in isolation.

In the book I’m reading, “Give a f**k” by Felicity Morse, she discusses Peter Collins, a convicted murderer who had been locked in confinement so long that when a fly landed on his leg he closed his eyes and imagined it was his wife’s fingers just to feel excitement. If that wasn’t wild enough, he enjoyed his experience so much that he used to bite the inside of his cheeks until he bled and smeared the blood across his legs in order to attract more flies. You can watch his harrowing video ‘a fly in Ointment’ here.

When we embrace someone, our bodies release hormones which make us feel happier, safe, and help us to develop trustful bonds with people. It’s why they say you should experience at least one hug a day to feel like yourself.

When we can’t cuddle because family is too distant, or you have friends which aren’t very touchy-feely we can feel increasingly lonely as time goes on.

For me, a good squeeze makes me feel wonderful and I would advise consensual embraces be shared more and more as opposed to less and less which is where our society is leading us.

Years ago I used to be a part of a hippie community which met up at least once a year for an electronic device free booze fest. I didn’t appreciate it back then but now I see why they had incredibly lengthy embraces upon arrival and why everyone was so happy during their stay. They were not only stepping away from a society which revolves around technology but they stepped into a warm and welcome environment, got fresh air and the physical contact they were probably craving.

And if I could cuddle the lot of you, I would.

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