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Ups & Downs Of May

This week we talk about cars, work, and of course, fashion, read on for the latest update from TheRoamBlogger.

For those of you who read my last blog post and follow alongside, through the ups and the downs, I thought I would drop you an update from the world of TheRoamBlogger.

Aside from a hasty pat on the back and the promise of a brighter future, my appraisal was a tad lacklustre. However, my outfit (black skinny high waisted jeans, white blouse and my checkered black and white blazer from Paris, all together paired with my Chelsea boots) had achieved many positive comments from my colleagues and so I consider the day to have been a success.

TheRoamBlogger wearing “appraisal ready” clothingOn my way to get my morning coffee!

This week has been another rollercoaster ride and I have had a rather hectic time trying to manage my schedule.

Good news though, my elderly and in dire need of TLC Corsa passed its MOT first time without any advisories so at least I have Avril for another year. This means I can also look at my options of selling her with a full years MOT and trade her in for a newer model. So the auto trader game has begun and I’ve already seen a few strong contenders.

Mazda MX-5 1.8 Euphonic Limited Edition 2dr
Mazda, anyone?

As aforementioned, my appraisal was this week and it ultimately was fruitless in terms of outcome. I was given the promise of more responsibility for no pay increase which ultimately puts me in a tight spot financially and also creates this unnecessary tension in the workplace. However, if the money isn’t there within the company then they can’t magic it out of thin air.

I am glad that I opened the lines of communication by talking to the bosses and asking for my appraisal, regardless of the outcome.

This week I also don’t know if it’s something in the water or what but I’ve also had infrequent moments of loneliness and sadness. I’m acknowledging my feelings and trying to address what’s making me feel this way and trying not to beat myself up about it.

I combat these feelings with a confirmation I tell myself: that it’s ok to feel a bit sad, that I should talk about any worries I have with whomever I have them with, but also shed no blame or anger, especially if the outburst is purely based on an anxiety spiral.

We are allowed to feel down sometimes. It’s life. Accepting our feelings as just feelings and not a permanent aspect of our personality is incredibly vital to form us as well rounded individuals. When we can assess our feelings, move past the initial outburst and really assess what’s affecting us, that’s when we begin to grow.

I still remain hopeful for the future, as there are many plans in the works. TheRoamBlogger t-shirt designs are still being drawn up, my blog still continues to grow and support me, my affiliate programs are beginning to show signs of reward, and there are many new adventures to be had in the coming months.

What’s going on in your lives? If you want, you can let me know in the comments below.

Until next time.

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