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Dressing For Success: Hints and Tips For Your Wardrobe

I have had a busy week. With the arrival of an appraisal, as well as added responsibilities, this week has been both physically and mentally exhausting. Yet, somehow, I feel more energised than when there’s not much on my plate.

I find myself more active after work, more able to fit in the odd chore, more inclined to cook healthier, more interesting meals.

Obviously there are days which aren’t so prosperous. There are days where I am completely knackered and I can’t do anything when I finish work but that’s okay. Life is about finding balance, which means some days will be good, and others bad.

With my appraisal imminent, I want to have everything planned in my mind of what I’m going to say, what my ultimate goals are. I’m even considering how to act, how to dress to feel my most confident and put together.

With that being said, this week’s blog post is all about dressing to feel confident in the workplace and dressing ultimately for success because when we feel like we are able to achieve what we want to achieve, our lives tend to follow suit.

So what are my key tips for dressing to succeed?

1.Know your body shape.

Yes we’ve all heard it, hell, you probably already know your body type however, it needs to be reiterated because when we know our body type, we can then choose clothing which fits us appropriately.

It’s obvious our bodies change over time with age, and I am no exception to that rule. When I was eighteen I was a constant 34,28,34 and had an hourglass figure to be envious of (it helped that I dabbled with a bit of waist training and religiously went to the gym) but now, in my mid twenties, I’m a bit more bodacious around the hips. I’m not ashamed of my body. I just know that some of the dresses I would have worn back in my clubbing days probably wouldn’t suit my body shape now that I am more of a pear than an hourglass.

This post will be biased towards those with a similar shape to me, to those who have wide hips, a smaller bust and smaller waist. For other shapes I will try to find some links and add them at the bottom of this post for some added guidance.

2. Know what clothes suit your body shape.

For me, I know that sleeveless dresses, or fitted tops which accentuate my waist or highlight my prominent wide shoulders, are winners.

Think about your best features of your body. You may have a snatched waist, or broad shoulders like me, or you may be tall, or petite in shape. Either way, know your best features and dress to highlight these.

3. Know which colours suit your skin type.

A colleague recently told me that their friend works as a personal stylist, offering their clients hints and tips as to how to dress for your skin colour. So me being me, I decided to do a bit of research and find out a bit more about skin tones and fashion.

Turns out, the main two skin tones are cool and warm. The best way to find out what tone you are? Check your wrist and look at the colour of your veins. If they appear more blue than green then you are more likely to have cool toned skin and vice versa, if you have more green toned veins than blue, then you are likely to be warm toned.

Woman in yellowPLT Bandeau Top- Warm Tones

Those with more cool skin tones are more likely to find blues, cold pastels, and silver jewellery to suit us whereas warm tones are more likely to suit summery hues; oranges, warm reds, and golden jewellery.

Woman in blue crop top co-ordPLT Crop Top- Cool Tones

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule. There are those of us who don’t fit into either category and luckily, this means they can wear either warm or cold colours but often find solace in neutral tones.

4. If in doubt, black is always slimming.

I recently read a post where the blogger was discussing the reason black was always slimming, and I was fascinated with the reason why. Apparently our eyes are drawn across the solid black colour to our hands, our legs, our exposed bits, making us less likely to linger on any lumps or bumps that we have.

Woman in black blazer PLT Blazer

When wearing comfortable clothes which suit you, embrace that ‘can do’ attitude and face the challenges that life has thrown at you.

Until next time.

Disclaimer: The images included as a part of this blog post are links to the PrettyLittleThing website as part of their affiliate program.


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