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Travel Diaries: Portimão, Portugal

It’s day five of our seven day adventure to Portimao in Portugal and I can safely say that we have explored the local town and tasted the local beverages to such an extent that this morning has been a bit of a wipe out for both of us.

It has been a great adventure so far, one full of swimming, beach excursions, and karaoke (which is no surprise if you know my partner Darren). The only disappointment was the lack in boat tours as the time of year and directions of the waves meant that entering the caves was dangerous and therefore not viable for the tour guides. On the positive side, it left us with some additional wedge which we could spend elsewhere (edit: we spent it on food!).

Since being here, we’ve witnessed a decathlon, attempted to speak Portuguese, and made friends with the local bar staff. From experience, I’ve noticed that the locals here are incredibly accommodating and are more than happy to help, far more than in countries such as France (I visited Paris back in 2016 and while I loved it, the people were totally different).

Admittedly, the offer of pot or cocaine from the gypsies has been plentiful but it’s not something to be concerned over if you are thinking of visiting as they are persistent but accept a firm no as an answer.

We, without meaning to sound bigheaded, have seemingly been the life of the party, especially since our hotel is quite reserved and posh (its 4 star after all) and the general age being much older than either of us. Regardless, Saturday evening was spectacular fun and we danced the night away to the cover band in the hotel, before exploring the local nightlife, settling on a bar called boogie where I watched as Darren sang his little heart out (out of time, mind).

The nightclubs were free to enter and played a mixture of popular English, as well as, Portuguese tunes but although full of life and dancing, is not somewhere I’d recommend visiting if you’re older than 21, unless of course you’re a clubbing seasonal professional.

Overall it has been a wonderfully refreshing break and I would be happy to visit the Algarve again.

Until next time.


  1. This sounds and look like such a great trip, with delicious food! I’m going to Barcelona in a couple of weeks so I’m excited to write my own travel posts, as they’re some of the most fun to do x


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