How To Pack For Vacation (Beach Destinations)

I’m currently, at the time of writing this on Sunday morning, lying hungover and feeling the need for a greasy bacon and egg based breakfast. As I lay here I’m also wondering about the things I have left to do before my holiday in under a fortnights time.

Thanks to a certain special someone, I have already packed my suitcase and have made sure my passport is in date (better late than never).

I am so excited to wear my new clothes from Religion Clothing where it’s not raining and somewhere it’s warm enough to rock the floaty maxi dresses without having to worry about thick opaque tights or coats.

This week I want to run through my checklist for what to pack when going on holiday to a beach destination as it not only helps you wonderful readers construct your own fashion based checklist but also helps me to remember what I need to take with me on my week trip abroad to Portugal.

Obviously having enough outfits for the week is a must and aside from the collection of underwear, I also needed to make sure I had a few swimwear items and outfits for the week for a multitude of activities ranging from lounging by the pool, to dinner out at a few restaurants, to hiking to new and exciting destinations so I’ve packed the following:

Religion Paradise Maxi Dress in grey and raw lemon

Religion Virtual Maxi Dress

Religion Thrive tunic dress in a black floral pattern (timid dark print).

My M&Co white and black maxi dress which I also wore to Poland last year.

A yellow cropped tee and high waisted maxi skirt in black complete with sexy side slit.

White shorts that look a bit like a doily, and a cropped Coke tee from Primark.

A navy blue bikini which reacts to water and sparkles (making me feel like a mermaid) from Next.

A red swimming costume from next that reminds me of the old Special K adverts.

A neon coral pink kaftan to throw over my swimming wear.

Two pairs of colourful flip flops (90p from Primark!)

A pair of white canvas style shoes for longer walks.

Photos of said outfits will be in the next blog post while I am away.

I’ve yet to finish packing and also have yet to pack the other necessities but I have every intention of packing, sun tan lotion, toiletries, makeup, etc, as well as a bag to take as hand luggage for all my medication (epipens, inhalers, etc), my purse and snacks (because no one likes a cranky hungry Kirsty).

When I’m out and about in Portugal I am hoping to share my adventures on here as well as on my Instagram story so if you’re not following me on there and want to see what it’s like over in Portugal then follow me @kirstyawriter on Instagram and join the family.

I hope this has been an inspiring read and you are just as excited as I am for the summer to arrive and the new fashion trends to arrive.

Until next time.

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