Travel Diaries: Tucked Away Walks In Eastbourne

Sometimes the best adventures are tucked away in hidden corners of your hometown, waiting to be explored, in unexpected places. Eastbourne is no exception.

With the distant sound of the church bells and the bitter winter wind biting at my finger tips, we explored the tiny unseen crevices of the town from the small park barely two minutes from home, to leftover ruins of what once was a tower of significance.

With my more than able tour guide, I was shown a small hilly path that led up into the downs and into a beautiful forest, the light pouring through the trees, waving with the leaves, sparkling with life.

This was possibly the most unexpected Sunday I’ve had in a long time. Not only did I attend church to see what it was like (the church itself was gorgeous, the service- not so much- FYI I’m an atheist) but the above mentioned forest was littered with dogs, meaning I got my fair share of dog fussing which brought my mood up even further.

Sometimes all we need in life is to take a break from screens, leave our homes and go exploring as the memories we create in doing so will last a lifetime.

Until next time.

NB sorry for the lack of update the past week, I haven’t been very well and have had a lot of personal things going on. Regular scheduling should resume from now on.

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