Festive Decor: Gingerbread House Tutorial

When looking for festive activities to do as a couple, a family, or simply by yourself for little to no money why not try some gingerbread house building and decorating? In this post, follow this simple guide on how to build and decorate your own gingerbread house, as you never know, you might unleash a creative beast that was waiting to be let out!

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t holding out much hope for a fantastic outcome but the idea to spend the afternoon building and decorating was interesting and neither Jordan or I had ever decorated a gingerbread house before.

As with most couples, there will always be the more methodical one so whereas I had a very obsessive, follow the instructions, approach to building, Jordan jumped in head first and for a moment I thought his house was going to end up like Frances in his decorating video.

The £2.50 pack from Tesco came complete with:

1 x plastic base to hold the house together

1 x icing which doubles up as edible glue

2 x end pieces of gingerbread

2 x side pieces of gingerbread

2 x roof pieces of gingerbread

Plus a few packs of decorative sweets which they were very generous with.

The method:

The best way to start building with a set like this one is to line a layer of icing along both inner edges of the end piece to attach a side piece (make sure the side piece is facing the right way before attaching). Press and hold the two pieces in place in an upright position (in the base if you have one) until they can stand independently.

Repeat the step with the other end and side pieces and slot all together in the base, pressing and holding until the icing sticks.

The roof wasn’t as tricky as I was expecting. Lining the pitched edges of the end pieces, I attached the roof.

Tip: attach the roof panel lower than you want it and slide it up into place, pressing and holding when ready to adhere.

Repeat the step to attach the other roof panel and congratulations, you have a blank canvas for your creative side to go wild!

Tip: for a little bit extra adhesion, line icing along the peak of the roof, where the two pieces join. This will also give you a space to start you decoration.

For my decoration, I attached several coloured jelly tots along the top, followed by lining the roof panels with looped icing to decorate with coloured baubles.

I went a tad over board with my decoration but was overall happy with my design.

Now I have a degree in Animation which means I’m an arty farty type, which often means people expect good things when I get my creative fingers on the job. Jordan, bless him, however is not but his house ended up looking just as fabulous.

(He even went as far as cutting up chocolate buttons to make them fit on his roof).

It goes to show that no matter what skill level you are, gingerbread house decorating is for anyone and everyone and is a great way to spend an afternoon. Not only does it get you in the Christmas spirit but it’s edible at the end!

I hope you enjoyed this small guide, I know I enjoyed making it. Happy holidays everyone and I will see you in the new year for more lifestyle posts and collaborations.

Until next time.

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