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Christmas Party Clothing Ho-ho-haul

In this week’s article we look at my latest clothing haul with focus on dressing for the Christmas party.

Although there’s a lot of negative views around about the sheer number of people, there’s something magical about shopping at Christmas time, even if it is for yourself. In this week’s article, we look at my latest clothing haul with focus on dressing for the Christmas party.

The Beacon, Eastbourne’s latest shopping centre, is host to a brand spanking new collection of shops, including a New Look which has been a breath of fresh air to the same shops I’ve been visiting on the high street this year. My bank balance, however, is quaking in her boots as there are a few absolutely amazing pieces this season, especially their boots collection which currently, at the time of posting this, has 25% off.

Another new experience I have had this week is ordering clothing online. After a terrible experience ordering online a few pieces off H&M a few years back, I haven’t been online to order anything but since working with eCommerce, I have decided to try again with a website called I Saw It First.

For prices so ridiculously inexpensive you’d want to laugh, a few times I thought to myself that it can’t be a real clothing site but have watched countless YouTube videos and read reviews which proved to me that it was a company worth buying from.

So, without further ado, let’s get into this mini haul.

FYI: Prices listed below were at the time of creating this post and may be different depending on the time viewing the links.

First up, the lace bodysuit.

For my Christmas party, my idea was to recreate a risqué chic outfit that was both formal but a little bit sexy. To start with, I purchased a lovely £11 lace bodysuit which I was dubious about. As someone who is in between sizes and is also tall in clothing standards (I’m 5”7), I was concerned that the bodysuit would be too short in the body and it would ride up too high in the crotch department!

However, upon arrival, the bodysuit fits nicely as it has a lovely stretch to it which allows a bit of breathing room but without compromising the look of the fabric.

I don’t feel overly exposed but if you’re someone who is worried about obvious pointy nipples on a night out then like me, try purchasing a few nipple covers in a nude shade. I purchased mine from New Look (check by the till) for under £5 for three pairs.

The second item I purchased from I Saw It First was a beautiful emerald green skirt which again surprised me. For a mere £8.50, I was expecting that stretchy nylon material that makes your hair stand on end, what I received was a lovely cotton blend skirt that moves nicely, fits perfectly and isn’t overly short.

I purchased this skirt in a size 14. I would advise checking the size guide as I was in between sizes and decided I’d rather be safe than sorry.

To add a little something to my outfit, I decided on a cute pair of boots from New Look. They are wide fit, have a lovely chunky heel, perfect for my pub crawl Christmas party, and are over the knee.

As someone with chunkier thighs, I struggle to find over the knee boots that don’t make my thighs look like I’ve tried to stuff them in. These boots in a UK size 6 were absolutely perfect as they have an adjustable thigh tie which ensures they stay up and add a little bit of extra glam to the shoe.

The jury is still out on a final blazer/jacket to go with this look but here is one idea for you to get inspiration from.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Full disclosure, I am not being sponsored by either of the brands mentioned in this post, however, the backlinks to the I Saw It First products are affiliate links which means that if you purchase through my link then I will receive a small commission for the sale. My words are still my own, this blog is an honest review of the latest trends, as well as inspiration for your own wardrobe.

By adding affiliate links I can make a small amount of money which I can then reinvest into the blog to improve and develop the site to be the best it can possibly be. Your support means the world to me so even if you can’t buy any of the products, a share, a like or a comment are all free ways to support a businesswoman in her venture.

Thank you again for reading.

Until next time.


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