Travel: Cabaret, TOM Brighton & Hove

There are few places in the UK renowned for their camp attitudes and open minded views. Brighton is probably one of the first places that will pop to mind and you wouldn’t be wrong.

If you’re after something a little different why not try TOM: The Old Market in Brighton for an evening of cabaret?

Personally I laughed so hard I think I may have cracked a rib but I’m not sure that was 100% the desired effect the event organisers were going for.

TOM was a small intimate venue no bigger than the size of a small cinema screen and was adorned with beautifully festive fairy lights and nature, making the place feel homely and super welcoming. The cabaret had drawn all sorts of people in but they all shared one common thing: their openness and willingness to begin a conversation with anyone.

We were slowly escorted, after maybe one too many glasses of Malbec, down to the dark and alluring stage, the purple lights setting the mood.

For those of you who don’t know what cabaret involves- and to be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure at this point- it’s a bit of comedy, some sexy burlesque, as well as music.

When Dave the Bear came on the stage- not literally, get your mind out of the gutter- he had all of our attention from the moment he opened his mouth. He was camp, his humour was dry and witty, and the euphemisms fell out of him as he introduced each act.

Two acts later, one a burlesque show featuring balloons, as well as an athletic acrobatic lesbian couple, and Dave was back with some additional heckling from none other than my Jordan.

Auntie May was my second highlight of the show, her act was a Victorian styled lady of the night riddled with syphilis who got her ukulele out to sing some comedic ballads.

Now this is the part of the show, if I’m honest, gets a little bit foggy, but Dave was out again getting his sing-a-long on, singing his best rendition of Happy Days best known from Sister Act. Who ends up with the microphone? Of course it’s Jordan.

One heavy metal screaming edition later, and the whole crowd is in tears with laughter. I think we may have even got a laugh from Dave the Bear.

Overall, it was a brilliant experience and I would heavily recommend a cabaret show near you. It’s sexy, sophisticated, and very incredibly funny.

Plus, who knows, you might win some nipple tassels like Lucy for being best dressed.

Until next time.

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