Halloween Top Picks

It's Halloween, a time for dressing up, cheap sweets, and spooky themed parties. I for one am a big fan.

It’s Halloween, a time for dressing up, cheap sweets, and spooky themed parties. I for one am a big fan.

This week on The Roam Blogger I wanted to look at my favourite Halloween inspired costumes, tv shows, and anything in between.

(My idea for a smokey eye came out more suitable for a festival than a Halloween party but I had fun putting this look together regardless).

First up: costumes. Every year for the past few years I have tried to dress up in something spooky for Halloween. For the most part my DIY projects are more wham bam than Blue Peter but making them have always been more fun than the actual wearing part. For instance, last year I wore a nurse’s outfit and although, for some, that conjures ideas of stockings and garters, my outfit was more blood and gore, and let’s just say the lady won’t be using this particular dispensary uniform ever again.

However, for something more composed, I’ve been watching the magic that is James Charles who, like many others on the platform, has made an instructional video on how to transform yourself into a pretty mermaid using the magic of makeup. There’s some DIY here too with a hot glue gun which makes this video a winner in my books.

Second up is what I’ve been watching, particularly on Netflix (#notsponsored). With their horror inspired opening and the distinct increase in red titled programs in my list to watch, Netflix seems to be in its element.

Now I, for one, am not a massive fan of horror on the big screen. A lot of traits are over used and jump scenes in films… let’s not even go there. However, I have been binge watching the dark remake of Sabrina the teenage witch and I have found it brilliant so far, definitely one to add to the pile to watch.

Jordan and I also had a cheeky binge of Daredevil season 3 and as people who love and follow the MCU, DD season 3 did not disappoint. Rivalling Punisher for its violence, with daredevil being a man in a mask, this is definitely a Halloween watch.

I hope you enjoy this spooky season, more so you have a few new things to watch out for.

Until next time, happy Halloween! 👻🎃

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