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Style My Boyfriend: What To Buy Your Loved One

For the difficult partner, or the partner who has seemingly everything, why not treat them to a new style this season?

If you’re anything like me, you have a wonderful partner who spoils you rotten at Christmas, on birthdays and during other holidays, which makes you want to spoil them in return. Jordan seemingly has everything he wants so it makes it very difficult to buy presents that he’ll actually like or use.

For the difficult partner, or the partner who has seemingly everything, why not treat them to a new style this season? To help you decide what to buy the “normal” guy, this week I’ve taken Jordan shopping and sorted him out with a few new items of clothing that fit in this season’s style without breaking the bank.

Style assessment: Jordan has a completely different style to me. He has a skater style; shorts, hoodies, and other casual clothing make up the majority of his wardrobe. With this in mind, I wanted to fit around his ideal style but by also giving the outfits a twist and making them comply with more up to date trends.

Again, you all should know by now that I love a good shopping haul so it won’t be a surprise that each of the items in this list were bought from Primark.

The first item I grabbed was a jumper. Knowing fully well that Jordan loves a good jumper, and based on my love of the colour, of course I picked a burgundy knit. This was a relatively thick knit for the £12 price tag and felt much more expensive, much like my recent woollen jumper (pictured above) which feels as soft as cashmere.

The second item I picked up was a pair of simple black jeans for £10, which I thought would pair nicely, and I know jordan didn’t have a pair of slim fitting black jeans.

Walking around the corner, I also saw a light grey pair of skinny jeans and although it wasn’t his usual style, he was happy to try them on with the other items I had chosen.

The next item I picked was a t-shirt and check shirt combo which I thought would pair nicely with either of the jeans. In the photo below we paired the grey jeans with the check shirt and blue t-shirt combo for a relaxed casual yet slightly more up market than his usual style.

What I have noticed with men’s clothes is that they all seem to work synonymously with each other and pair seamlessly.

Another item which caught my eye, surprise surprise it was burgundy, was a short sleeved tee for the ridiculous £2.50 price tag. It was a cotton blend and felt as soft as a Hollister shirt without the outlandish price.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing personal shopper for Jordan and would happily do this again. I hope that this small collection will offer you some ideas as to what to buy your loved ones for the holiday season.

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Until next time.

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