IKEA Shopping Trip & AW18 Interior Design Trends

Jordan and I are finally sitting down with a glass of red after our epic three hour round trip to the Scandinavian themed home store in Croydon. Shattered and ready for bed, we have come home empty handed, all bar a few deals: our wine glasses, new cutlery and a few new pillow cases.

IKEA was incredibly hyped up and I must say I was slightly disappointed with the selection in that particular shop.

However, the pieces we did buy were incredibly cost effective, the wine glasses were £1 each and the cutlery was £2.45 which made the trip worthwhile (as well as our romantic lunch date at Burger King which is strangely absent from our home town).

This week I was going to offer an Ikea interior design haul but as my shopping trip was unsuccessful, I have decided to offer a few of the latest AW18 interior design trends instead. So read on for my latest tips and style tricks.

1. By now you should all know that I love the colour burgundy, thankfully it’s not an absent colour this season across the interior design trends either. Look to rich earthy tones for a warm interior to contrast against the cold approaching winter nights. Style on a budget tip: swap out muted blush pink cushions from last season for deeper tones cushions to set trends.

2. Botanicals are very much in this season, especially within the bedding ranges. Team large print leaves with deep colours like hot pinks for that beautiful rich design moment. Style on a budget: Try — for botanical bedding sets.

3. As with fashion, the Japanese and Asian markets are becoming a heavy influence on western styles. For instance, oriental prints and rich silks are coming into play a lot more.

4. For those minimalists out there, you’ll be pleased to hear that jet black is huge this season and pairs lovely with white for that clean finish and stark contrast. Jet black really is a statement tone and with next season’s trend being rumoured to be dark kitchen cabinets, you could be ahead of the game with dark kitchen doors.

5. We’ve gone all retro with Scandinavian 1950’s inspired decor. Block colours paired with natural wood textures across nostalgic pieces of furniture, I.e. Sainsbury’s latest collection, is both inspiring and functional.

I hope you enjoyed this article and feel informed about a few of the latest interior design trends. For more like this why not read my earlier post in the year and follow me for more tips and tricks on how to decorate your spaces.

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Until next time.

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