AW18 Lip Looks- A Review

Continuing on with the fashion trends from last weeks post when I was lucky enough to work with Religion Clothing, this week I would like to explore different lip looks and review the products that I bought to pair with my AW18 outfits.

As always, this blog is aimed at inspiring my readers to try something different so I hope this review will help you to choose a few new and interesting looks!

Disclosure: I was not endorsed by any of the brands on this list. These reviews are honest and unbiased. Plus, the lip products in this list were all affordable (just check out the Primark lipstick!) and realistic for the everyday woman (man, or other).

1. Sleek- Matte Me Metallic – Volcanic

This lip gloss was silky smooth to apply and was a lovely metallic pink shade which could be worn during the day but would work equally as well in the evening for a cute date night look.

The cream works like a tint and takes seconds to dry. The best thing about this lip cream was that it didn’t feel like I was wearing it when it was dry and there was little to no transfer.

2. Nyx- Duo Chromatic – Day Club

The Nyx Duo Chromatic lip gloss, otherwise known as the mermaid lip gloss, is a strange iridescent blue and pink shade that instantly creates a cooler look.

It would pair well with this season’s clothing trends and future winter trends due to its tone but I would definitely say this was a going out lip gloss as opposed to an every day lip gloss, just purely because it is so unique.

The formula wasn’t drying and left my lips feeling soft and smooth. The lip gloss did have a small amount of transfer when it was dry but overall was worth the money.

3. Primark- Lustre-Hot Chocolate

For 90p I was not expecting a lot from this Primark lipstick. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely the formula was. The colour was dark and similar to that of the packaging and the lipstick didn’t feel as drying as I had assumed it would be.

Definitely on trend with this season, this darker colour would pair well with an LBD, or even something similar to my burgundy skirt from my previous fashion haul.

The lipstick did transfer a small amount but lasted a few hours before needing reapplication.

4. Primark- Get Lippy- Syrup

Hmm… once again I was not expecting a lot from this lip gloss/ lip liner Duo pack but I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt since the colour was so alluring.

Let’s just say, I wasn’t sold on this one. Even with the liner, the gloss was super thick and bled like crazy around my lips.

It was a drying formula but not overly drying and the lip liner was creamy and easy to use.

It would work for Halloween as it has that vampiric look but as for an every day wear, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this pack.

5. Maybelline- Ultra Mat Lipstick- 15. Smoky Taupe

I was in dire need for a new every day nude lipstick and this classic shaped beauty was exactly what I was after.

It smelt absolutely incredible, like Shea butter, when I opened the lid and from then I knew it was going to be a moisturising lipstick.

I really liked this lipstick colour and especially thought the mat finish was trendy. I probably would pair this with a lip liner just purely to enhance the look but overall I am happy with this lipstick.

As with all my blog posts I try to offer my readers something they will enjoy reading, as well as inform them on things they are interested in or passionate about. If you like the blog post below it let’s me know that you enjoy articles like this and let’s me know to make more along these lines.

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Until next time.

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