How To Sleep Better With Anxiety

Do you struggle to sleep when there’s complete silence? Turns out, I do too.

Do you struggle to sleep when there’s complete silence? Turns out, I do too.

Ever since I was little I have always been surrounded by nighttime noise, as a child I’d hear my father’s ferocious snore through the walls of my parents home, as a young adult I house shared with people who loved to stay up late listening to music, watching films or playing musical instruments. As an adult that now lives on her own, I find my nights are quiet and although I sometimes have the company of my snore-y boyfriend Jordan, most of the time is spent in silence.

I wouldn’t say it was unnerving to be attempting to sleep in silence, but I would say that silence is deafening. It’s like the silence causes my brain to go into sensory overload and begin working overtime, even though quiet time is meant to do the opposite.

However, one sure fire way to send me to sleep is to put on background rain sounds (I found a really good Spotify playlist called Night Rain) or some other white noise sound effect.

So it turns out that this is a symptom for those with anxiety or other mental struggles as our brains crave sensory input and in doing something as simple as sleeping with a fan on, or having rain sounds in the background causes our brain to focus on something other than our thoughts.

So on further reading, I discovered pink noise. Sounds much nicer than white noise and apparently is meant to cause deeper sleep in comparison to those listening to white noise. Fun fact- pink noise actually sounds like rain so it turns out I was choosing the better option anyway!

For those of you struggling to sleep, it may be worth trying an ambient sound effect like the ones listed above. You may just get the best sleep you’ve had in a while.

Until next time.

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