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September Favourites

This month, I'd like to celebrate the things that have made me smile, the things that have taught me new lessons or inspired me in the hope that they will also encourage a similar reaction for you.

September has always been one of my favourite months of the year. It’s a time full of memories, happiness, and of course, the release of the beloved pumpkin spice latte.

September for me reminds me of holidays to Portugal and Spain with my family, the blossoming of a new relationship, and the contentment from a summer spent doing things I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

This month, I’d like to celebrate the things that have made me smile, the things that have taught me new lessons or inspired me in the hope that they will also encourage a similar reaction for you.


This year has been fantastic for travelling. I have not only visited a new country (and get to peel off another sticker on my Beyond Living poster) but have also been to see adorable animals at Port Lympne safari, as well as taken a tour of the Natural History Museum in London.

The future holds music gigs in November and December with potential for more to be booked.

It’s truly therapeutic to travel, if only a few miles, to see something new and exciting. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, I mean the trip to London cost no more than £30, and the emotional reward and personal development is more than worth the effort.


This month, with the rise in bills, has also seen a rise in cheap entertainment, I.e YouTube and Netflix. So in this section I thought I would add a few honourable mentions, on the off chance you were looking for new things to watch as the evening’s get cooler.

1. JnJ memes. If you’ve never watched Jenna Marbles or her partner Julian before then what are you doing with your life? Not only are they and their three dogs (Marbles, Peach, and Kermit) absolutely hilarious but they’re surprisingly engaging for a YouTube channel that do silly challenges like Jenna’s 100 layers of makeup video. Obviously, Jenna’s videos lend themselves brilliantly to memes so if anything I’d recommend their reaction video for a great chuckle.

2. For more on lifestyle and travel, I’ve really begun watching and enjoying heyclaire who is very informative with her travel videos in Japan. Her voice is so soothing and calm it’s like listening to a podcast or an audio book.

3. Makeup tutorials. Now I’m not one for a lot of makeup but that doesn’t stop me enjoying watching other people applying it. Needless to say, Jeffree Star’s channel, especially his videos with Shane Dawson had me in tears. Not only from humour but pure realness that I hadn’t seen previously. Further to this I have also been enjoying James Charles’ YouTube channel.


If you’ve been following me on my socials you will have seen that recently I purchased my new sofa: a beautiful duck egg blue to go in my beach house designed living room.

Obviously with ups, there must be a down, so the day after completing my purchase, my bedroom ceiling completely leaked through, including leaking through the lightbulb (Dangerous!).

So damages aside, no one is hurt and it’s caused me to come up with creative ways to sleep in another room with only a mattress and a few sheets.

Hopefully September will see me sleeping non creatively back in my bedroom but for now I’ll enjoy my sleepover style living room.


As of July this year I started my new job as a Data Assistant for a pretty well known clothing brand. This has been an incredible experience as not only am I increasing my fashion knowledge but I also have free reign to test out clothing I maybe wouldn’t buy normally online.

September has seen me try culottes and now distressed blue boyfriend jeans. There is finally colour in my wardrobe other than black and white.

Hopefully seeing me try new things will help you to experience things with a fresh pair of eyes.

Final Thoughts

Thank you 2018 for being so memorable. I hope the rest of the year will continue to be as interesting and enjoyable.

What are your September favourites? Get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Until next time.

TheRoamBlogger x

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