Beyond Living: Interactive Map Of The World

Yesterday I had my first exciting present sent to me in the post. A beautifully crafted poster of the world, perfect for my wall in my walkthrough wardrobe (not walk-in because you technically have to walk through it to get out of the bathroom).

Beyond living contacted me recently with an interesting sample that they wanted to ship to me in exchange for a little promo piece on here and I’m not going to lie, I was incredibly excited about the opportunity because their products look brand spanking new and top notch so who was I to say no?

After telling me they had dispatched the poster on Monday, I received the parcel on Thursday which is about average for the delivery of a poster (we can’t expect next day delivery all the time, especially when receiving a free gift).

I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging, a durable stiff tube with the considered text “Go Away” which did produce a rather hearty chuckle from me after a long day working at the office.

The poster, carefully wrapped in black tissue paper inside the tube was larger than I had anticipated and much better quality than I could have hoped for.

As per the label, the poster could be mounted on the wall in several ways, giving people like me who rent, removable options for when I eventually move home. The options included an adhesive backing, using tacks or tape, or by simply framing the poster for that added thoughtful and luxurious effect.

The poster also came complete with a safety pin. Why you ask? Because the black poster is interactive and allows it’s owner to peel off individual countries for whatever reason they desire. For aspiring travellers like me, it’s a great inspirational board to look at when deciding where to visit next. It is also a great idea to improve your geography, test your knowledge of countries.

Beyond living has surprised me in a positive way and I am looking forward to purchasing other products in their range in the future, including their candles which look perfect for my mantle.

Take a look at their website here: and let me know what you think of their products in the comments below.

Until next time.

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