Travel Blog Diaries: Szczecinek, Poland

My hair is a birds nest, my false eyelashes are stuck to the pillow in almost comical fashion, and the loud alcohol induced snores from my partner echo throughout the small room at the wedding reception venue.

This is the first wedding I’ve attended as an adult and it’s being held in Poland. As someone who isn’t keen on flying, I wasn’t looking forward to the journey but it’s amazing what a few drinks and a handful of great friends can do for fear.

As always, the company I keep means that adventure and activity is never too far away, and there’s always a good story to tell.

For example, everyone piling into an eight person outdoor hot tub fully clothed in the highly recommended Sint Ji Design Rooms, loud, proud, and clutching a bottle of Bacardi. (The groom may have been a little bit intoxicated and someone ended up naked but it was all part of the fun).

Speaking of rooms, Jordan and I shared an incredible room that was only 600 zloty (£125) for two nights. For that little, we managed to get a complete suite, decked out with his and hers sinks, a freestanding Art Deco decorated bath, and walk in shower room. It was so plush I felt a bit out of place but what did we expect for five stars?

The only let down with the place was the breakfast. Although ticking a box on arrival of what we all would like to eat, the staff forgot half of what was ordered but they were attentive and the food was continental (cold meats and cheese, bread rolls, etc), so simple and replenishing for our day out on the beach.

I have been constantly surprised by Szczecinek, the beach here by the lake was sandy (hooray!) and the water activities have been hilarious to watch.

The actual wedding was a regimented affair of religious protocol but was fascinating to listen to the language from the priest in the church, listen to the almost lyrical catholic ceremony. I wanted some traditional polish culture and I was not disappointed.

Later this month I am going to be posting the vlog diaries for this trip so when it’s up you’ll be able to see the adventure for yourself, see if Szczecinek will be your next adventure.

I think I may still have a high level of alcohol in my system this morning so I’m going back to sleep. When I wake there’s a high possibility there will be more alcohol and plenty more food. Wish me luck trying to get into my dress!

Until next time.


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