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Tarot Card Readings- Mythbusted

For those of you thinking that I have lost the plot and have turned a bit mystic meg with this post, let me just state one thing: much like astrology, tarot readings are simply something I have been doing as a hobby, I.e, this is something I do for fun.

Tarot readings are a placebo for what your mind is already thinking. The cards show a broad spectrum of possibilities without highlighting particulars, so much like astrology, if you’ve ever read your star sign in the local paper and felt as if it’s relatable, then that is your brain interpreting the words in your own way. I personally don’t think the cards are telling me something from beyond the grave or have anything to do with spirituality, I simply believe that tarot readings allow our brains to interact with the interpretation and develop our own critical thinking.

For this reading, I completed a Celtic Cross spread using the Wild Unknown Tarot cards by Kim Krans.

When we lay our first card in the centre of the spread, this is our present moment card, the heart of the matter. For me that card was the reverse chariot card which is a representative of strong will and triumph. For me personally, I interpret this card as me feeling strong willed and confident in my new flat. I have mentioned to my friend Lucy that I was feeling more confident since everything happened to me last year and I have felt stronger and more fixed on my goals. I believe that with this focus I will be able to achieve these goals.

The second card is our potential obstacles and for this I pulled the lovers card, an unusual card to pick in this position. It is a card that usually means union, desire, or joy but in this position I could interpret these “sins” as distracting from my long term goals but this doesn’t necessarily mean the distractions are bad, simply interrupting the overall goal.

The third card was the reverse hierophant. In this position, the position of our foundations and what has led us to our present, I could interpret this mentorship presence as my friends and family guiding me through my difficult past. The reversed position lessens the importance of this card but since it is a major arcana card, it is still seemingly important to me.

The fourth is another card looking backward at my past. This position is supposed to show the person receiving the reading possible energy that used to be strong and important in your life but is now fading. For this reading, I drew the emperor, a card that stands for protection, stability, and the father. My interpretation of this card is maybe my breakaway from the sheltered life I had been living with my parents as I am learning to live alone with my own responsibilities.

The fifth card begins to take a look at the future and on my horizon I received the empress which is a card that represents creation, nature and the mother. In the words of Kim, “her strength comes from being gentle and compassionate, and loving without binding.” My personal take from this is that I am opening myself up continually to receive a greater deal of love.

The sixth card is another look into the future and is our development position. The mother of wands is a vibrant and happy mother who takes pride in her family. For me this is a simple card that reflects on my constant growing relationship with my family.

The seventh position is the current mindset of the person receiving the reading. For me that was the ace of cups which is a card that stands for new beginnings, a card that feels like the perfect choice for my current mindset as I am loving my new start in my flat.

The eight position is our surrounding environment and was quite negative in my answer from the cards as it provided the devil card, a card that stands for temptation. My interpretation of this card is as a warning not to become too materialistic in my livelihood as this could have negative side effects.

The ninth card is our hopes and fears, a card which I drew the temperance card, a card that means attempting to find balance. This is both hopeful and scary and is perfect in this position.

The final position is the outcome for which, ominously, I drew the death card. Surprisingly this was not as bad as it first appeared, as it did not mean there was going to be a death or a dramatic ending, it simply meant that something was going to come to a natural conclusion. For me this may be closure or a finale to my anxiety which overall is hopeful and positive.

This has been a fun experience.

For some of you, this spiritualistic post has no impact on your interest levels, but you may have an open mind like myself, if that is you then I would highly recommend trying tarot for yourself. You might learn something or confirm something for yourself that had previously gone under the radar.

Until next time, be the best you that you can be.

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