Yet Another New Adventure

The beauty of life is the ability to learn, to develop your personal knowledge into something worthwhile and beneficial for your success. If you went through life knowing the same things from when you left school and nothing additional then life would be incredibly uneventful and boring.

In order to learn, we must expose ourselves to experience, to new adventures we hadn’t had prior. I hasten to add that adventures do not have to be life-changing or expensive, they just need to hold some personal significance to you, i.e a long lasting memory or a new piece of knowledge.

This week I turn twenty-five.

I could sit and list all the memories I have, both good and bad, of the past quarter-century but it feels introspective and useless for my progression. However, sometimes it is beneficial to look back at your memories, celebrate your achievements, your development, and look at the path you have chosen in life. I look back at the years since I graduated college and am proud to say that I have developed a multifaceted skill-set, one that allows me to have an extensive list of hobbies and transferable skills. For instance, I can celebrate that I have had my work appear in two gallery openings, one at Norwich University of the Arts and another in the Oxo Tower in Southbank, London. I can pat myself on the back for a selection of gigs I have performed in front of a live audience and can smile at my evergrowing following on Twitter and this blog.

For those of you who follow my blog, or are personal friends, then you are likely aware that I have moved recently to my own flat along the sunshine coast of the United Kingdom. Since moving I have had quiet evenings alone contemplating my path and the next steps I must take in order to keep progressing in the way I want to.

The last thing I want is to become stagnant.

The determination that is present within all of us is the driving power that gets us to where we want to be and in order to ignite that spark we must absorb experience like a sponge. Dip into adventure after adventure, explore things outside of our comfort zone. I personally have begun exploring my spiritual side. I promise I’m not turning into a hippy, or am going to convert to veganism any time soon, but I am learning that there is no black and white and although I am considered an agnostic atheist, I am willing to accept that I can use spiritualist methods, such as tarot, to help guide my brain to the right path.

Maybe this is something you would enjoy reading about?

I still hope to maintain my motivational posts and update you on my lifestyle outside of spiritualism but I am transforming and changing as I age and I hope, if anything else, it will offer a kind of voyeuristic look into my personal journey, as well as offer you the chance to learn alongside me about something you may also know little about.

Until next time.


P.s For those of you looking for more content, I have just started my very own YouTube channel. For a brief look at what I’m planning for the channel, please check out the trailer below.

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