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Home Decor Haul & My First Week In The Flat- Monday Motivation

Monday morning is the start of a new week. It’s not usually everybody’s cup of tea as it signifies the beginning of unwanted chores, such as going back to work after a weekend off, or battling with that dreaded load of washing that has been piling up gradually on your chair.

Everyone knows the chair.

The chair where clothes sit in limbo, unsure if they’ll be worn again before being washed.

There seem to be two types of chairs, two very distinct types of people who use the chair to lay waste to the days shedding. Some of us are neat, carefully folding our clothes in a trouser, shirt, bra kind of pile, whereas others of us have messy heaps of clothes that probably shouldn’t be worn again before washing, if only to get the creases out.

I’m both types of people, depending on the day. It also depends on the location as having my own place has made me house proud and tidy, yes mum, tidy.

It has been a week since I moved into my flat and so far it still feels as if I am on holiday, although that feeling is starting to fade, especially with the ever-growing responsibilities presenting themselves to me, and the re-introduction to my 5am alarm.

The previous week, although passing quickly, has been packed with adventure and given me new and interesting memories.

For starters, I bought myself a new frying pan and was decidedly giddy when I purchased a bookcase and built the unit all by myself #independentwoman.

I also bought a bedside lamp for my bedroom, a cute modern pink and copper base with a white shade which I feel compliments the room, accompanying the painting and my choice of feminine bedding.

(FYI, the Rhubarb Flower candle from Marks and Spencer’s is phenomenal).

The weekend, however, seems to be where the exciting stuff happens.

Not only did I start my first shift at the new job but I also got incredibly sunburnt relaxing on the beach with friends, and my neighbouring flat caught on fire, meaning we had two fire engines putting out a small localised flame at nearly midnight on a Sunday night.

So here we are again, back to Monday, the start of a new week, my second week in my flat.

I wonder what adventures I’ll have this week.

Until next time.

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