Sex Robots & Thinking Outside Of The Box

When you ask someone what their goals are, they may say something along the lines of buying a house, having children, or getting a promotion. While these are all exciting and noble aspirations they are all easily obtainable dreams, dreams that require next to no unique challenges. It therefore seems special to find someone who dreams outside of the box, dreams of being on Time magazine front cover or something equally as obscure.

Conventional dreams, such as the ones I mentioned at the beginning of this article, are often met with little to no resistance, family members or friends often having shared experiences that can help the dreamer, ease them in without too much stress caused by the unknown.

I have found that the stranger the dream, the more likely the person trying to succeed tries to conceal it, at least in the beginning before there is any proof of success. The largest obstacle for an obscure dream tends to be phrases of disappointment or denial that the person’s goal will be anything other than a failure and unfortunately, without the backing of others the entrepreneur gives up before they’ve even begun.

In order to be successful we have to believe in ourselves, we need to truly have faith that our odd personal goals are realistic and reachable.

While at university, I met a wide array of students all looking for their own success, be it a creative endeavour in a London based company, or starting their own business. Sadly, there haven’t been many stand outs from the crowd, a lot of young adults caving into their parents wishes of pursuing a more “productive” career in business, as opposed to a creative choice.

One, however, does stand out as being strange and rather unusual. Zak, a games developer, had set out to make a virtual reality that featured some steamy robots. It was almost as if the Chobits manga had come to life in the form of a business venture.

Zak, although unconventional, has taken the correct approach. Ignoring what I gather has had a lot of negative feedback from friends and colleagues, he had continued to pursue his dreams, expanding his reach all the way to the USA.

I hope he finds the success he is looking for and hope that I can learn from his confident approach to an obscure business model.

Personally, as I grow and develop the Roam community, I am becoming more confident in my writing and realising that my goal is achievable, no matter how many times I come face to face with a brick wall obstacle. I just have to learn to climb, or break through entirely.

What about you, dear reader, do you know anyone close to you who has been successful in business? What are their stories?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time.

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