How To Create Great Photos For Your Blog Using Your iPhone

As someone with a history of photography, I can safely say that I never expected to be using my iPhone for my photos but with the current technology available and the great potential at your fingertips, why wouldn't you at least experiment?

As someone with a history of photography, I can safely say that I never expected to be using my iPhone for my photos but with the current technology available and the great potential at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you at least experiment?

A traditional DSLR camera does have its advantages, there’s the ability to tripod mount your equipment, making photos still even at the greatest of pixels. There’s also the quality. For large prints of your photography, nothing beats a high quality, modern DSLR.

The biggest downside to a traditional camera is the cost. Arguably, the cost of a new phone is comparable but this is usually something already owned, rather than bought especially for the photography medium.

I use the iPhone 6S to take my photos for my blog, so my hints and tips will be aimed at similar users who want to take visually interesting photography for an online media, such as a blog, Instagram, or other digital apps that require visual media.

Step 1: Research

Before you take any photos you want to be looking at other blogs, other Instagram users to see what kind of photos inspire you.

My biggest influences are forever amber, Coco’s Tea Party, and Lily Pebbles who all have one thing in common, they fit within my lifestyle blogger niche.

Step 2: Choosing your subject material

You wouldn’t think so, but photography takes a lot of planning, especially when you post to somewhere where you are trying to establish a brand, like the destinations mentioned earlier, and different subject material requires slightly different editing that can throw your branding completely out of control if mixed badly. For example, travel photography tends to be more saturated whereas food photography is lightened and faded to create that magazine look. If photos of too many genres were to be slotted together, in say an Instagram feed, it could create a convoluted feel to your brand.

When choosing your subject materials, consider your blog and what would work well. It may seem obvious but photos of stationary on a nice wooden background would not highlight a blog post about food, and vice versa.

Step 3: Grid Layout

iPhone’s have a wonderful feature that places a 3 x 3 square grid across your camera while you’re taking photos, making it that much easier to follow the rule of thirds, center something such as this hot air balloon on Instagram, and ensure your picture is straight.

View this post on Instagram

Another #hotairballoon #earlymorningsnaps

A post shared by Nick (@majoras_darklink) on

To access this feature, go to Settings, Camera, and turn the grid slider to green.

Step 4: The Edit

I’ve seen a few posts about this which recommend a few editing apps that cost money. The whole point of this post is to ensure that you are not investing money into a software that you may decide not to use.

Although Instagram has a wonderful photo editing software, I tend to use Google Snapseed which allows you to use filters, straighten and crop images to certain aspect ratios (which is ideal for consistent blog posts).

My favourite feature of Snapseed is the Last Edits filter which remembers the previous edit, making it simple and easy to replicate a style when editing photos in bulk.

I hope this article offered some insight into the world of iPhone photography. For further reading on this topic, I recommend Color Photography, Photo Lines and Repetition Photo Tips, as well as Phone Photography Tips.

Until next time.

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