Becoming More Successful Using Language

This week I have been learning about the Sombali language, a regional dialect spoken in the Philippines which uses compass directions (North, South, East and West) to orient themselves.

Due to this orientation, this tribe have an awareness that we who use ‘right, left’ or other directional indicators do not. This Philippine language suggests that life is bigger than oneself. For example: ‘the chair is in front of you’ implies that the object is located around our personal being as opposed to ‘the chair is south’ which suggests the object is part of something much larger than ourselves.

I wonder, therefore, if there is some increased empathy for the world due to this verbal cognitive training. After all, if we were unrestricted by our social insular vocabulary and cognitive training then surely we would be more open to the world around us? If we are more open we are more likely to learn, to develop, and more likely to succeed.

Can we adopt and train our own brains to think similarly to this Philippine tribe? I believe it is possible, and as a result of listening to others, learning every day, and treating the world with respect, we can ultimately become more wholesome human beings and consequently more successful.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below?

Until next time.

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One thought on “Becoming More Successful Using Language

  1. Very interesting Kirsty. I had not heard of this language before. In my opinion it comes down to humility and a change from to ‘me’ to ‘we’. The world is far too self involved. Sensitivity and empathy is the exception rather than the norm. I hope and pray for an emotional and psychological shift back to considerate and humble behaviour.

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