2018 Interior Design Trends

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It’s undoubtedly that time of year you feel an itch for change, be it a career change, a new home, or something else. A lot of us, however, do not have the excess of readily available cash due to that over-indulgent holiday in December. To be happy in change we do not have to change dramatically, we can adapt our surroundings to better suit us, and who we hope to morph into during the course of 2018. For instance, by changing the paint on your wall or a new accent chair, you can refresh your look, or at least until you’re ready for the bigger change.

So what trends does the new year offer us and how can we use these within our homes?

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  1. Velvet. Although deep vibrant colours were the feature of winter 2017, it seems this silk inspired material is here to stay. 2018 offers pastel tones to pair with our neutral colour palettes for that homely and inviting ambiance. For inspiration check out:  Maisons Du MondeImage result for rug hung
  2. Feature Rug Artwork. How often do we stare at our feet? Often the intricately woven rugs beneath our feet go unnoticed. For 2018 it seems the appeal of hung woven artwork is growing. For inspiration check out: BoConceptImage result for neutral colour palette tumblr
  3. Neutral Colours. As mentioned in our first point, neutral colours are making a huge statement this year, but not in the ‘ye ole faithful’ beige way we know and understand. I’ve heard big things about tea rose and mint shades, especially paired with beautiful statement furniture. For inspiration check out: DuluxRelated image
  4. Kintsugi. This is the Japanese method of repairing broken ceramics such as plates and bowls using gold. This technique really makes the most of that ‘make it and mend it’ attitude and creates beautifully unique pieces of artwork which can be hung as wall art. For inspiration check out: Yenchen & YawenImage result for poufs
  5. Poufs. Not to be mistaken with ottomans, which have storage, or footstools, which have legs, poufs are usually soft round objects to rest your feet on, usually filled with upholstery fillings such as polyester or coconut fibres. This round simple design is getting a makeover and I expect to see fresh and intriguing new shapes and styles during the course of the year. For inspiration check out: Chaplins

And there we have it, five ways to approach a redesign on a budget. Let me know your comments in the box below or tweet to me @kirstyawriter.


  1. Oh I’m such a big velvet fan! 😍😍😍 I like that Japanese technique too, it makes pots look so beautiful!

    I am loving your posts BTW! I’m going to read some more later. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    How long have you been blogging? X

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