“I Can’t Believe It’s Already April”

In a world where instant gratification is expected, we seem to have lost our patience.

Sometimes life slips away from us. I know this month I have heard the phrase “I can’t believe it’s already April” more times than I can count. Maybe it’s an English tradition to be flabbergasted by the date or maybe we just can’t comprehend how much time has passed since the last time we paid attention.

But why does it surprise us every time? Why does April shock us? Is it due to the sudden weather change to something a little sunnier? Maybe it’s because we can remember it like yesterday when we sat down to eat Christmas dinner, since New Year’s Eve when we made those plans to diet, to find a new job? Are we, instead of being upset at the inevitable time change, disappointed in ourselves for not accomplishing our goals?

In a world where instant gratification is expected, we seem to have lost our patience.

We’ve all been there, let’s be honest. I, for one, believe I have the writing skills to become an author but have yet to publish a novel. Others have the ability to paint fantastic pieces of artwork but have yet to sell their work, or there are entrepreneurs struggling to get their business off the ground. There are many unsung heroes going unnoticed but is this through a lack of trying or something else?

Sometimes I find myself full of enthusiasm for my craft, other days not so much, as life has slipped away from me in the way of day jobs, friends, and family. It has meant that my writing has taken a nose dive in productivity. Problem is, when I do feel full of beans, I expect an instant reaction when I do, as I believe that some of you do as well. After all, I’ve seen it time and time again where artists post their work online without a watermark, not in the hope that they’ll receive a steady increase in social media following through carefully crafted messages, but instead they crave likes, messages of praise, and secretly, deep down they hope to be discovered, to finally find their big break.

After all, the more exposure you as a business receive the more chances you have of being discovered by someone famous. There’s stories everywhere if you listen hard enough. Louise, my best friend and former house mate, had a friend from school who is a brilliant artist who ran her own tumblr page. One day she received thousands of follows on her page because pop sensation Lady Gaga had not only followed her but retweeted her work. Soon after, Louise’s old colleague had a job working for Lady Gaga herself as a designer.

As I say, everyone knows someone who knows someone who has had a lucky break. Business wise, I have a friend who left university to work in London, a position that offers him a hefty salary, more that I think I could ever spend. To him, that was the first rung on the ever extending career ladder whereas to everyone who knew him at school, he’d “made it”. It is all about perspective.

When I look at my achievements now I try not to assess how many likes I gain from a post but rather simply enjoy the act of writing, building my personal brand, and utilising my skills.

Of course, It’s still a rush to see that numerical figure increasing.

Whether you’re writing your novel or creating a piece of art, all we need is a little patience.


  1. Astute observations Kirsty. I always remember that saying “Do what you love and money will follow.” And sometimes if I feel crummy, I write anyway. Sometimes I am surprised by what comes out and wind up feeling better for having done it. If nothing else, I hit ‘delete’ and I have vented a bit. Win-Win. 😀

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