Learning To Love: Walking With My Muse

There are boats here that look like they’ve been moored for years, an aged rugged charm that compliments the calm stillness of the water. The rafts clank and smack together with a sensational sound that reminds me I’m home.

Then there is the juxtaposition of life as the gangways creak with footsteps of children carrying oars, laden with overinflated lifejackets that make them look like marshmallows bobbing in the sea.

It is simultaneously both quiet and bustling here, the noise is different to the city. The perception is that the pace is slower here, a retreat for the senses as well as the mind.

I watch as a man squeezes the life out of an old yellow shirt that he’d dropped and rescued from the water and am amazed how stress free he appears.

It’s not quite summer yet so the air has a sharp bitterness that bites at the back of my throat and there’s a faint whiff of petrol, or diesel, or whatever they fill up boats with, tainting the air. I still get the feeling that my lungs are thankful for the freshness of a walk in the crisp air.

Take a moment if you can to revitalise, learn to listen to the noise around you and maybe, like me, you’ll let the stress wash away with every curl of the waves.

Visit somewhere in nature, even for just a moment. Take an unexpected walk alone.

You never know, you may find it entices your muse.

Until next time.

Pictures by Kirsty Allen taken in Tollesbury, UK, 2018

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