Achieving Happiness: Life Expectations & Defying Conventions

I truly believe that in order to fulfil ones potential, we need to move past societal expectations and make our own paths.

As a twenty-something, there are many potential paths ahead to choose from. We leave university to find a career but life sometimes gets in the way and our search gets put on hold, possibly indefinitely. In my case, I was living in a place that offered no careers I was interested in pursuing so I, like many others, accepted a job offer in retail as unskilled labour.

Months or even years might pass when you face your next decision: the decision to rent a bigger place or get a mortgage. I mean, mortgages always sound preferable, you end up with your own place at the end of the agreement but you will be in debt for the main duration of your adult life and if anything goes wrong with the fixtures then you are responsible for paying for the damages- but hey, at least you can paint a wall whatever colour you want!

Renting has its own downsides, not only can you be asked to leave with a months notice, but the money you pay seems to go nowhere. It’s a quick and easy way to find an accommodation that’s not your parent’s home (although it’s lovely, it’s not your own space) and getting a deposit together is relatively painless.

So you have your own place either by yourself or with a partner and you keep working to pay the bills and paying the bills to keep living your life when suddenly you realise you haven’t been enjoying the ride. I’ve heard it from various friends and co-workers across the board. So you decide to book a lavish holiday with the money you’ve managed to scrape together in between paying the bills.

The holiday is fantastic and you get holiday blues when you return to “normal” life but everyone just laughs and tells you that it’s part of life to feel down, that life is not life without its ups and downs. You think about your next holiday, start saving for that yearly trip to somewhere sunny or exotic.

Much like the “I Could Be The One” music video, we end up wasting our twenties or early thirties on a life we don’t quite enjoy. We don’t take risks on a career because it means moving away from family or friends and we end up settling for less than we require.

When I speak to the older generations around me, they tell me this is just life, just what you do if you have a family, you don’t take risks and you settle down. To think about life any other way would be imbecilic and ultimately fruitless.

I believe that even if I spend my twenties unsettled and searching, I will ultimately find I’m better off emotionally, more stable. Although mortgages seem to have a deadline on them, and holidays are desirable, the beauty of early adult life is time.

We have the ability to jump from ship to ship in our twenties and early thirties, learn about ourselves, be the best us we can be.

I truly believe that in order to fulfil ones potential, we need to move past societal expectations and make our own paths.

I’m thinking outside of the box in order to create my own happiness, hell to convention.

Will you join me?

Until next time.

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  1. Absolutely spot on Kirsty. There is no growth in a comfort zone. Dream big, and chase what you really want. Life is too short to conform with society’s expectations of what constitutes a productive life.

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