Falling On Deaf Ears, The Beauty Of Arguing

Others may not agree with me, and they have a right to their opinion.

Has someone in your life completely missed the point you’ve tried to make? Maybe it’s a spouse, or a family member that has taken to a point with reckless abandon, to the point of either yours or their frustration.

No matter how much you think about it or how much you talk in circles, the point falls on deaf ears, them either unwilling or unable to accept the point you’re trying to make.

Maybe you’ve even gone as far as to leave the room, sat and moped about the conversation, wondering how you could have said things differently.

Trust me, over thinking is a killer. Set it aside as a disagreement and try not to dwell on it. We have to face facts that we can’t agree with everyone and not everyone will agree with us.

It’s a difficult situation to be in, you want so desperately to be right, for you to be the person who changes their mind but sometimes people just won’t budge on their own beliefs, no matter how silly they seem to you.

Oddly, it’s admirable that someone can stick to their guns, so solid in their statement, so sure of themselves. I, personally, am open to suggestions. If someone proves to me that their way of thinking is better then I am more than happy to assess that point of view with a fresh pair of eyes.

Of course, my way of thinking leads to a lot of skepticism. I, unlike my grandparents for instance, am less likely to believe in the headlines, unwilling to hand my faith over with little to no persuasion. Arguably, it means I’m harder to please and poses issues all of its own.

Others may not agree with me, and they have a right to their opinion.

On somethings in life, we’ll agree to disagree.

Until next time.

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