The Cabin At The Bottom Of The Garden

I’m sure you know of someone like my father, someone who always likes to be kept busy...

My father has now installed a log cabin in the back of his garden. It’s a huge building filled with exercise equipment ready for any budding fitness enthusiast to get working.

It’s an ongoing project, one that will keep him entertained for years to come, the upkeep and design of the cabin, the landscaping surrounding, and any other subsequent building maintenance that follows.

I’m sure you know of someone like my father, someone who always likes to be kept busy, someone who can’t sit still for long periods of time unless they’re asleep and possibly snoring on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon. I’m sure you will find their constant encouragement to join them outside as riveting as I do, so riveting, in fact, that you watch them safely from the comfort of the warm kitchen, overlooking the projects as if supervising.

Of course, I appreciate the invitation but I am an indoor busybody, someone who takes pride in the little things, the completion of a particularly enjoyable book, for instance. There are times when I am required to be active outdoors, but those times are carefully chosen, with days of preparation, not spontaneously entertained, throwing caution to the wind.

My father has a cabin at the bottom of the garden and while I actively encourage its use and appreciate its potential, I will most likely sneak out there when no one else is around.

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