“Practical” Fashion Review

I recently took on a freelance writing job which is being slotted in between my 9-5. I am so busy that this morning I even forgot to wash my hair (amen to dry shampoo!) so I’m not one for over thinking my outfit before I rush out the front door with the promise that I’ll grab breakfast on the way to work (I never do).

So why did I decide to write a post about fashion I hear you screaming at me? Simply because I can, and that I’m sure there are plenty other people out there sat in the same boat.

So grab an oar and start rowing with me because we’re going on an adventure of self-discovery as I explore “practical” fashion.

A/n Images are sourced from Pinterest under the search term “practical fashion”.

LFW DIARY | Day Two – Lydia Elise Millen waysify

First of all, how much of the day do you wear a jacket? If your idea of a practical walk to work involves wearing a white coat and intending it to stay white then you clearly do not have to travel on the tube or any sort of public transport or expect to get caught out in the rain. Furthermore, who thought heels were practical? I wore heels to work once and had blisters for a week!

Giovanna Battaglia.

Even slim models look like they have wide hips in skirts like this. What chance do I have?

Vous aimez le wax? Retrouvez tous les articles et sélections sur le wax ici : https://cewax.wordpress.com Retrouvez les créations CéWax en tissu africains en vente ici: http://cewax.alittlemarket.com -

Part of this shirt is yearning to be on safari taming a lion while the other half is dying to play xylophone in an indie electro punk band in Gonzo’s Tea Bar. Funky!

Yesterday we introduced you to florist and writer Lisa Przystup and took you inside her beautiful upstate New York farmhouse. Like so many of the stylish women I know, Lisa favors practical pieces that never go out of style in her wardrobe. Vintage jeans, simple cotton T-shirts, and super-soft knits are among her everyday staples. …

I think she has shares in Daz. Plus who’s kitchen is that tidy? I have kitchen envy more than clothing envy from looking at this picture.

Easy, breezy, flawless, that's what ethereal style is, and is synonymous to spring!                                                     ...

Ah yes. Let me just channel my inner Elizabeth Bennet.


uncredited, from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Artesis Hogeskool Antwerpen

Another classic. Will obviously be donning this outfit when I attend my next hula class.

Find More at => http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/amazingoutfits/~3/qYslrqZvncc/AmazingOutfits.page

This image is giving me so much anxiety. What if the poor girl is biking when her top falls down and she doesn’t have a free hand to pull it back up? Maybe it’s just my flat chest that can’t handle tops like this. Maybe.

3e528712748fd8eadb50b9bf800bc645.jpg 736×1,677 pixels

Finally, an outfit I would actually wear! Even the handbag is a normal working size. Phew. Good luck finding your keys in the depths of that bag!




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