New Music Review

It’s been five years since Purity Ring released their album Shrines. For some of you out there, you may be scratching your head and asking who this illustrious band I’ve never heard of is? Others of you may be slightly more familiar. Either way, they have recently released another track Asido and it’s fantastic.

Asido has everything that reminds you of a cheesy drum and bass remix: piano riff, heavy bass lines and a steady beat to bob along to but then, about 19 seconds in, the bass sets in and you are suddenly reminded why Purity Ring stood out in front of the crowd. Another chill sets down your spine as the second wave strikes at 57 seconds.

Continuing down this path and music style I also discovered Crywolf and their Cataclasm album. Both melancholy and epic, Crywolf have a special sound which sounds like an awful lot of hard work and passion. Anachronism is by far my favourite and in my opinion, is reminiscent, in the climax, to Hans Zimmer.

Onto something heavier but still maintaining that echoey guitar effect, We Are The Trees by The Last Sighs Of The Wind, an instrumental pop/rock band from Belarus, is a 2017 album released in June that you could pop in the background as something easy listening.

Finally, an artist that has been on my radar for a while since their release of Horns is Bryce Fox, an alternative rock artist. He’s recently released Cold Hearted which isn’t as catchy as Horns or Voodoo but definitely has its own charm.

What new music is on your radar? Let me know in the comments below or tweet to me @kirstyawriter.

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