Writing Prompt #25 The Night Sky

If I were a star in the night sky I could look down on all these different stories and I'd never get tired.

If I were a star in the night sky I could look down on all these different stories and I’d never get tired. I mean, I see and hear about things that shock and amaze me from the people around me every day but imagine if you upped the scale and could watch from a distant point of view with the stars.
Someone I know recently changed her job and she hates it but she feels she can’t leave because her husband’s job is currently at risk of redundancy. Their plan is to up and move to America, rent out their house and drive in a motor home with the odd occasional stay in a hotel. They’d work the odd jobs as a waitress or a handyman but at least they’d be together having an adventure.

A close friend of mine recently left her husband of seven years and is now living over 4 hours away with her partner and I’ve never seen her look happier and more comfortable. Sure it comes with its downsides, she’s faced tribulation and drama since she’s been down there but it’s overall been a positive experience for her.

Another has had a miracle baby against all odds, the kind you’d read about in ok magazine.

Another close friend had been single her whole life, up until she was in her twenties when she met her current boyfriend. He was diagnosed with cancer months after they got together officially. This, among other contributing factors, has inspired her to go into nursing, specifically oncology.
The common denominator between all these examples is everyone’s sheer determination to get what they want: adventure, a new life, a baby, a career. It makes me assess the things I want from life but all I can say a hundred and ten percent is that I want very much to experience as much life as possible and have the ability to write about it.

Sometimes life throws curveballs, it doesn’t work out the way you expect it to. If you asked thirteen year old me where I expected to be, you’d get some star spangled response about being the next Avril Lavigne. Obviously that hasn’t happened as I’ve developed as a person and with that my motivations have changed.
It’s been six years since I turned eighteen and I’ve already had quite a few experiences: I’ve been on a fishing boat off the coast of Minorca during a storm, squeezed my way through the Parisian Metro barriers to meet my flight on time, ridden a horse in Dorset, swam in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Albuferia, stayed in a cabin in Nottingham forest (and cried at Titanic), I’ve helped build a bender tent from sticks and tarpaulin and camped out with a bunch of hippies for a week.

Alongside this, I have a whole heap of story ideas, romance books (of which I’ve written one and started two more), paranormal and urban fantasy novels about a whole host of characters (inspired by True Blood among other series) so I am not without imagination.

I’m sure there are others of you out there that feel the same way and I’d love to hear your stories. Disclaimer! Anything you do say to me may inspire my writing, be that a character in a story, a plot line, or a mention like in this piece.

Maybe I have the wrong perspective on the stars. I may want to be up there with them looking down, but maybe they want to be down here looking up. If that isn’t a metaphor for something then I’m not sure what is.

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