Game Review: Little Nightmares- The Depths DLC

I’ve watched many a fan theory of what the story of Little Nightmares is actually about and my favourite by far is the theory that Six, our little yellow raincoat wearing protagonist, is the offspring of the Geisha antagonist which we see towards the end of the game.

In my recent spare moments, I have also caught up with the reboot of Crash Bandicoot, a 3D platform game about collecting boxes and fruit in order to defeat the antagonist. It’s well known if you, like me, grew up in the 90s. These games are not similar in any other way, other than producing water levels that both frustrate you and get your heart beating out of your chest with fear. Whether it’s by almost exploding a bomb in Crash because the controls are so difficult to maneuver or you’re about to be grabbed by a shadowed creature as you desperately swim for safety in the DLC, both water levels expertly build tension.

Following the theory that the Geisha is somehow related to Six, some have said that the underwater shadow creature is the grandma, another relative. There are supposed hints at this if you look at the way the creature has been treated (more info here, skip to around 13 mins for details).

The DLC is reminiscent of Inside, a Playdead indie game that was released in June 2016. The styles and enigmatic narratives follow a similar pattern, making the player stick with the story until the very end in hope for answers.

Unfortunately, neither game offers a clear or very resolved ending.

It is definitely worth a look if you enjoy indie games that offer a mystery. It is not a very involved or particularly challenging game but it offers an interactive experience that may tickle your fancy.

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