Thursday’s New Music Review

It’s Wednesday evening when I’m writing this and like most evenings recently I am absolutely swept off my feet, not only working a full-time job but maintaining a three bedroom house and keeping up to date with my writing. Luckily I’m not someone who has been particularly interested in having children, I don’t know how I would fit it all in.

What I find really helps me to relax is researching new music, finding songs that really grab my attention and draw me in. It’s how I found Imogen Heap & Halsey, my two favourite female musicians.

Every time the summer rolls around I get really into my dance and club music, my happy vibes. It reminds me of travelling to Paris with my friend Lucy, blasting out 80s & 90s club classics alongside new, more modern dubstep and pop remixes. It reminds me of being in the crowd at Disclosure at reading festival 2016, merry and loving life with my new found friends.

Last week I discovered a band called Two Feet which is a delicious mix of sexy guitar riffs and deep bassy tunes that lure you in. It’s the music you play when you’ve come home from a night out, a tune that you hear at the end of the night. It’s not beat pumping, jump up and down like you’ve suddenly discovered your inner raver, but instead an easy listen. It’s easily a driving tune but with only 8 tracks on their SoundCloud, they’ve left me with musical blue balls, wanting more.

The song I’d recommend most? Had Some Drinks.

Another band I’ve been listening more of is Yellow Claw, a more traditional club sound mixed with techno synth beats.

The song I’d recommend most? Open.

Someone that you may not have heard of, although he seems to be picking up steam online, is Boy Epic who has been featured in films such as Suicide Squad and Fifty Shades of Grey. His smooth voice and epic soundtracks and heavy basslines definitely fit the bill and it’s worth listening to Trust.

What music are you listening to at the moment? Have any recommendations for me? Drop me a line in the comments below or find me on Twitter @kirstyawriter

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