How To Develop A Following On Twitter

As I hastily approach the 700 follower mark on Twitter it begins to hit me, nearly 700 people actually want to see my posts, support my writing and like my tweets.

As I hastily approach the 700 follower mark on Twitter it begins to hit me, nearly 700 people actually want to see my posts, support my writing and like my tweets. 700 people who have seemingly appeared from nowhere, only 6 months into using the app.

There are some days that gaining a Twitter following feels a bit like collecting Pokemon cards and then others, when prestigious movie directors follow you, that make you realise that those 700 people actually exist and are potential clients or networking connections.

So what are my tips and tricks for gaining followers for someone new to Twitter?

  1. Have a photo. Mine is a logo but it can be a picture of yourself, it just has to be a good image. Make it stand out, fit in your niche. I’ve seen paranormal romance writers use dark gothic colours and imagery in their profile picture and header which is a quick and easy way to tell your potential followers what you’re all about.
  2. Your Twitter bio is everything. This is the first line that people will see and it will establish your niche in seconds. Write books? Add it to your bio, you’ll get writers follow you back. I’ve seen some people use hashtags in their bio, these look good in moderation but try to avoid overusing tags. #No #one #wants #to #follow #this #kind of #SpecialSnowflake. Sixth Form Poet Twitter bio
  3. To the best of your ability follow people back but try to avoid following more people than are following you. A few is okay, thousands more make you look a bit desperate. Saying this, don’t feel the need to follow everyone back if you don’t want to, just don’t be surprised if they disappear after a while. People are fickle.
  4. Post about things in your niche. If you’re a writer post about books, articles you’ve read, interesting images that might influence your creativity and motivational images. Try to be original, Twitter doesn’t like it when you share posts from other sites (although sometimes this can be unavoidable). Try and spread these posts out throughout the day to capture a wider audience.
  5. Hashtags in your niche. Use them.
  6. Reblog and interact with your follower’s posts. No one likes a leech, show some love and heart their post, write a valuable comment, answer their polls. The whole point of Twitter is to make connections with people you probably would never get a chance to meet otherwise.

I hope this information is of use to all you newbie Twitter users out there.

You knew this was coming… follow me @kirstyawriter on Twitter and let me know you came from this post. I follow writers, creatives and budding entrepreneurs back.

As usual, let me know what you thought about this article in the comments below. I look forward to seeing you on Twitter!


  1. Hey there, thanks for the great post. Just quick question – can you talk more about how Twitter doesn’t like links to other sites? Probably the majority of my activity is linking ether my posts here or sharing stuff I see?

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I recently read more into Twitter and found out a few things, including its dislike for reposting as it sees it as spam in some instances: “…the factors that we take into account when determining what conduct is considered to be spamming [include]…if your updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates”.

      So where possible it’s better to post original content, such as images directly onto twitter to improve the analytics (and get a better and more accurate reading), rather than reposting from Instagram or other social media platforms.

      I hope this answers your question!


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